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Utensil storage

We are half way through the school holidays! I can barely believe it! How does time go by so quickly? And don’t tell Mr C, but the boys and I have lay in bed till after 9am three times this week! It is practically unheard of! I almost feel guilty! Shhh…

Here’s this week’s #LittleLoves:


I’ve had a new idea for this section. I am reading a lot more blogs than books these days, so when I haven’t got a book to recommend I will tell you about a great blog instead. You might know them or you might not! It is only fair that I start with the lovely lady that I link this post up with every week. Her name is Morgana and she is a veteran blogger at But Why Mummy Why. She lets us have an insight into her life with two young daughters and all the fun things they get up to. She also has her own online shop, Little and Fierce, selling lovely little bits and bobs for girls! Go check her out here.


Pitch Perfect. Certainly not the most original film I’ve ever seen. Groups of college students compete against each other in a singing competition. It is still easy watching though, and I still enjoyed it!


I attended a conference this week. It was organised by safefood to highlight the need for all women to take folic acid to help prevent Spina Bifida. There were various speakers, from Charity organisations to medical professionals. You can read  more on my  post about Folic Acid: Fact versus Fiction.


My winter coat! Is that not fundamentally wrong??? Seriously, seriously! Where is the summer???


I finally got my little alcove in the kitchen painted! It was previously a window, but I asked the builders to leave me space for storage when they were building it up. I have a little pepper plant, and a bottle carrier I received as a gift makes for perfect utensil storage. I think it still needs a little something though. Perhaps a little bunting along the top….

Kitchen utensil storage

Pepper plant


I also made a rather tasty spinach and courgette lasagne. Click here for the recipe.

Spinach and Courgette Lasagne Recipe


And Lastly:

I’m going to hand this one over to my boys. They spend so much time playing together, they really do make the best of friends for each other. Apart from the arguments of course! I snapped some photos this week when I was spying on them! I was trying to figure out why they always make so much mess. Obviously, it’s because they need to empty the toy boxes to put them on their heads, use them as boats, etc!

Brothers playing

I hope you have enjoyed my #LittleLoves this week, and I hope you have had some great moments too! Catch up with some other fab bloggers by clicking on the badge below!


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  • This is such a great round-up. I love the new alcove in your kitchen. I am the same about books and blogs! I am intrigued by your folic acid post so going to pop over for a read. And yes with the winter coat – what is that about!!?! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x

  • Loving your little alcove Mel! Very stylish. I’d maybe think about painting the back of it a really bright colour as a kind of feature to draw the eye in but I do also love a bit of bunting! I cannot believe you have had the joy of post 9am lie ins! With kids! Young kids! Mine are up between 6 & 7 every morning. Honestly I’m knackered! Must remember to hang onto this feeling for when they’re teenagers and I can’t turf them out of bed!! Have a lovely weekend Xx #littleloves

    • mydaysni says:

      It is a ‘different’ colour to the rest, but yes I had planned a real colour pop in there. I just couldn’t find one I was happy with! It such a small area though, I can easily change it in future! I hope you get some zzzz’s soon x

  • I am SOOOO jealous of your little alcove. It’s amazing and perfect light for photos too. I think it looks absolutely perfect how you have it. great utensil holder too. That lasagna sounds delicious. I am on a no carb diet at the moment so this made me drool. lol Lovely #littleloves and have a lovely weekend.

    • mydaysni says:

      I think it will be one of those areas that changes often. Not least because the pepper plant is an annual and will need chucked out! Thanks for visiting!

  • I’ve very nearly pulled my winter coat out too! What is going on with this weather!? x

  • Coombe Mill says:

    Lovely when they are good friends and play together like this #PoCoLo

  • Such a lovely kitchen! Very nice indeed. And of course boxes have to be emptied to be worn as helmets ha ha xx

  • What a lovely round up, your kitchen looks alcove looks fantastic I love the kettle and such sweet photos of your boys x #PoColo

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