#LittleLoves School’s out for Summer!

I can hardly believe it is the last day of the school term in this household! School’s out for summer, and for the next 8 weeks, I will have to find a way to entertain both my children – all the time!!! Actually, I was hoping to spend most of my summer painting my extension, but my building work seems to be on a wind down too! Hurry up and get it finished I say! (Quietly under my breath when the builder is out of ear shot!) Never mind! Let’s move on to the good stuff – this week’s Little Loves:


I was not expecting to find a school report in the bottom of Lewis’ school bag this week. Foolish of me I know, but as he is in P1 and not sitting exams, the thought had not occurred to me at all! And so it was with a beating heart that I read through his report. Nodding in agreement in some places, shaking my head in query at others. However, it was all summed up by 5 little words which I thought were completely appropriate. It stated that Lewis is, “A lovely, lively, little boy.” And I couldn’t agree more! (I appreciate that the lively bit is perhaps not entirely meant as a compliment – but I’m taking it as one anyway!) I am so very proud of my eldest boy and everything he has achieved this year!

Mum and Son


The film of choice last weekend was another Netflix movie, called Grace Unplugged.  A young girl who sings with her Dad in her local church, dreams of being a famous star. When she gets her chance it is not quite everything she imagined. The film concentrates on the father daughter relationship, and the difficulty she has keeping her faith while working in the music industry. I enjoyed it, although I much preferred the Dad when he was playing the role of Mike in Desperate Housewives!


Last weekend was Father’s Day and I wanted to go somewhere different.  I thought Mr C might enjoy St. George’s indoor Victorian market in Belfast. Last year it won the best large indoor market in the UK, and I think the variety of stalls, and live musicians definitely add to the atmosphere. Like many things in life though, I may have enjoyed it more with fewer children at my coat-tails and more pennies in my purse!

St Georges market Belfast


Things sure are starting to warm up around here! I’ve had the kids in shorts and I have been in short sleeves and sandals!


I made some Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes for the school fair. You can check out the recipe here! 

Jam Filled Ice Cream Cone Cup Cakes

And Lastly:

I have been shopping, and buying all sorts of bits and bobs for the new bedroom. If you missed it, you can see what I have been buying and planning for Aaron’s room here.

John Lewis bedroom


I hope you have had lovely little week and remember to take a moment to enjoy all your Little Loves!



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