#LittleLoves Featuring, Nina Simone, The Red Arrows, and Sausages…

Hello there…  I hope you are well? This week has been busy but the right kind of busy. You know where you feel like you are being productive, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and a bit useless! As usual I am linking up with Morgana to share all my #LittleLoves this week!


I have still barely picked up a book in months! I think I spend too much time on my Bloglovin feed reading posts from other lovely bloggers!


Last weekend Mr C and I watched, What Happened, Miss Simone? The documentary about the life and times of singer and political activist Nina Simone. It was really interesting. I have always been a fan of her music, but I did not know about her role in the Civil Rights Movement in America. Very interesting to watch. (It’s on Netflix if you have it!)

I also saw the Red Arrows giving a display over Carrickfergus. Those guys sure know how to fly!

Red Arrows


Red Arrows carrick

We wanted to see the Tall Ships leaving Belfast Lough, but it was such a grey day it was really hard to get a good view. It did remind me a little of pirate ships coming in from the mist though!

Tall Ships Belfast 2015


Following on from my film, I had to listen to some of Nina Simone’s music. That lady had depth! If, like Mr C, you think you don’t know who she is, you are probably wrong! Have a listen!


This time next week I will officially be on a hen weekend! I finally found a dress that I was happy with, only the neckline didn’t please me. It was too high, and I felt like it was strangling me. So I took it down to Stitched Up in Ballymena and they lowered the neckline for the small fee of £6. I thought that was quite good, and I may even have some photo’s in a couple of weeks!


It’s been all about the sausages this week. I made a sausage and pasta dish, which was lovely. You can find the recipe here.

Sausage Recipe

And I also found these slimming world free on extra easy sausages, in Iceland. I expected them to taste like vegetarian sausages, and to be honest they did. They were still good, but they didn’t taste like 97% pork.

Slimming World Sausages

And Lastly:

We finally got the finished floors put in our extension. Now we have to wait, probably 6 – 8 weeks for them to dry. In the meantime I could actually start painting in some places!

Master bedroom

Now, who wants to babysit while I get on with the Master bedroom???



  • Your extension sounds very exciting. I’ve found the Linda McCartney sausages are quite good, none of them are really the same but I always get a bit creeped out by real sausages as you can end up with a bit of gristle in your mouth at any time and it puts me off! x

    • mydaysni says:

      I know exactly what you mean… I am very fussy about my sausages! I have my favourites sorted now though, and the butchers are usually good! Thanks for stopping by x

  • Alice W says:

    Mmm that pasta dish looks delicious…can’t beat proper sausages, can you 🙁 Good news on the dress front, I’m sure you’ll look fab. Have a lovely weekend xx

  • Love your pics of the red arrows and the boats. 6 – 8 weeks for the floor to dry! That would drive me mad! Have a great weekend x

    • mydaysni says:

      It will drive me mad also, but I’m already half way there as it has taken 3 months / 1 year / 5 years to get to this stage depending on how I look at it! Maybe I should just consider that it is nearly done!

  • Donna says:

    That extension is going to be fantastic when it’s done. I would love to see Red Arrows too – that looks amazing. Your food photos are great too – you can always link up any recipes to my other blog @eatyours with the #reciperoundup 🙂 Have a lovely weekend x

  • We missed the Red Arrows, but your pictures are fantastic! It was such a good festival this year – Belfast was looking lovely! 🙂 How exciting about your extension. It went up really quickly! I’m sure you can’t wait to get decorating! Xx

  • I love Nina Simone ❤️ She was my inspiration for a while in Uni. Hope you’re enjoying the summer so far!

    • mydaysni says:

      She was a strong lady who was not afraid to speak out, though having watched the film, I don’t entirely agree with everything she said! But her music is still fab!

  • I struggled to find a dress for my hen weekend a few weeks ago – I never would have thought of getting a neckline lowered; great idea! We love sausages, they’re Ava’s favourite – that pasta looks good. Love your photos. Have a lovely weekend xx

  • We love Nina Simone, my biggest girl even has some of her music on her Ipod. I’ll have to checkout that documentary, so thanks for the tip!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

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