#LittleLoves featuring My First Vlog and a Song to Make You Happy!

This has been an interesting week of my little life! It’s not having the best end as I have been struck down by some lurgy type disease, but it certainly had it’s highlights! As usual I am joining in with Morgana at ButWhyMummyWhy for all this week’s #LittleLoves!


One of my favourite pastimes when I’m not feeling 100% is to read a good book. This week I have started on We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. It’s good so far (3 chapters in) – I can see why it was nominated for a Man Booker Prize!

Book - We are all completely beside ourselves


Get the book here: We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves


Earlier this week I contemplated writing a blog post called 5 Songs to Make You Happy. I changed my mind about the post but here is one my all time favourite Happy Songs!


Aaron… this child of mine… is determined to give me complete heart failure! Every time I turn around he is standing on the coffee table, or the kitchen table or on top of a radiator – how???

Mr C says, “Why don’t you take a photo or video.” I say, “Because I am too busy saving my child from mortal danger!”  I love that he has this natural athletic ability, but this is the best I can do in terms of capturing the moments! And I only risked this picture as he wasn’t on his feet! Advice welcome!

littleloves Aaron on table


I was challenged this week! I was invited to the opening of a new Mothercare store in Lisburn and I was contemplating making a vlog. Whilst searching for something to wear I came across this nail polish in my drawer! Movie Star! I wondered if it was a sign that I should vlog!

Rimmel Movie Star nail polish


So I wore my nail polish, and when I had the opportunity to talk to Myleene Klass, who was attending the opening, I did video it! And as a result I made my very first vlog! It certainly isn’t perfect, but I’m proud that I managed to do it – it was quite a big thing for a stay at home Mum like me! If you fancy a little watch here’s the link:

And Lastly:

This week I have had such amazing responses from my friends and followers in support of my blog, and my vlog post. I really do appreciate all the kind words, so Thank You all very much!


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  • Jude says:

    Well done on your Vlog! Great work, especially considering it’s your first one! I share your fear re climbing kids. Mine are like caged monkeys in my house… No advice, I’m afraid, except reassurance that they are more resilient that you think… #littleloves

  • Well done on the vlog, im not that brave! I love a red shade for my nails too xx

  • What a little monkey climbing on your table! My little ones like that though, must be a boy thing. Well done on the vid. Hope you’re feeling better x

    • mydaysni says:

      My eldest boy climbed on the kitchen table once, and never did it again. Aaron just laughs – it terrifies me! I suppose he’ll stop at some stage!

  • Alice W says:

    Your little one sounds like a monkey…in more ways than one! Fearlessness can be such a great trait, hard to know how to balance it with awareness of danger I spose. Hope you feel better soon and have a lovely weekend xx

  • Ooh lucky you meeting the lovely Myleene. Elsa’s Dad used to be a photographer and he said that she is one of those people that is SO beautiful in real life that they just outshine everyone else in the room!

    I can’t give you any advice about your little daredevil I’m afraid. Elsa has never been a climber but all of a sudden in the last few weeks she has decided to climb up on everything. This week she climbed up the drawers in the kitchen using the handles like rungs on a ladder! It’s very stressful but aside from watching them at all times and throwing cushions/bean bags etc. around the floor to pad out the landing I don’t know what else you can do!

    Have a great weekend xxx

  • Eden is at the same stage as Aaron, to be fair she’s like a cat and we’re always around grabbing her as she is always on top of something. It’s difficult but I love this stage I think it’s funny. I remember when Judah was going through it and I was pregnant with Eden, I was like oh my goodness how will I cope with this when there’s a baby too, but he grew out of it quickly. I’m hoping the same will be true for her. I’m afraid I don’t have any advice other than you’re in my thoughts as you try to have eyes in the back of your head. Well done for Vlogging, I’m going to go and watch it now and will leave you a comment on there xx #littleloves

  • I am so tempted to Vlog, Im scared to though! Well done you!! Love the nail varnish colour! Have a wonderful back holiday weekend xx

    • mydaysni says:

      I fancied vlogging but was going to wait until I was much much much thinner. But when this opportunity came along I thought better not to have regrets! You go for it! xx

  • sharn2188 says:

    Loving the Vlog! I’ve not got the confidence to attempt vlogging yet, so well done you! And interviewing a celeb?! Amazing!

  • Love your vlog! You’re very natural on camera.
    I also had a little climber. Peanut was like a little mountain goat. It gave me the fear but it means she’s super agile on climbing frames now!
    Have a lovely week x

  • Get you interviewing celebrities!! How exciting! You did so well, I don’t think I could have done that.
    Your Aaron sounds just like my niece Tabitha, she is fearless and climbs on everything and anything!

  • well done for putting yourself out there-i look forward to taking a peek when Little B doesn’t try to grab it so i can concentrate. I have a 2 yr old who likes to climb and balance precariously, scaring the life out of me. Haven’t heard of this book will have to add it to my list x

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