#LittleLoves featuring My Boys, Elephants and That Darn Rhubarb!

We have had a lovely chilled out week, with school being off a few days. I do enjoy lazing around in my pyjamas for a while in the morning. I just wish my builders were not quite so dedicated – who starts work at 7.45am on a bank holiday? I shouldn’t complain – this post is for celebrating all the good things! So here are this week’s Little Loves:


Still Nashville – man there are some complicated relationships in that town! Rayna, cancel the wedding! Go on – you know you want to!

Also, 3 Days to Kill on Netflix. This was a strange film about a CIA agent. An action film, which was threaded with humour and family dynamics. I don’t think Mr C was impressed but I quite liked it! I may have been laughing at the film, as opposed to with it – but anything that makes me laugh is a good thing!

3 Days To Kill


Earlier this week we took a day to visit Belfast Zoo. It was feeding time when we were passing the elephant enclosure and I loved that my boys were able to hear the elephants ‘trumpeting’? I’m not entirely sure of the correct dialogue, but given that the  boys have only had my dodgy attempts at elephant noises thus far in their lives, it was good for them to experience the real thing!

Belfast Zoo Elephant


Whilst browsing the internet I found an illustrated blog post about the British weather on The Awesome Hen. I thought it was a good reflection of reality, starting with a sunny day, which then turned to rain and snow, before back to sunshine. Only at the end did I realise the effects had been added using Pic Monkey. I use Pic Monkey to resize and crop my images, but rarely play with the effects. I wonder if they have one which can turn a miserable grey day into a sunny one?


And on the topic of weather.. what is a person to wear these days? Sweating one minute, freezing the next. For my boys I have tried to manage this by layering t-shirts. I often put a short sleeved t-shirt over a long sleeved one. This way I can see the great prints on the shirts without my boys freezing!

Lewis Aaron Galgorm


The curse of the rhubarb struck again! A quick recap – last year I collected rhubarb and froze it. Just in time before a stone wall fell and demolished my plant. However, then the freezer broke and I had to discard my stash. Amazingly this year the plant came back to life and my freezer had another stash. So…. instead of my usual crumble, I decided to try something different with a rhubarb and ginger cheesecake. I think it would have been nice, but it didn’t set properly and was trying to escape the plate like some kind of possessed sludge! Seriously! What is wrong with this rhubarb??? Here was my cheesecake, before I chilled it, though to be honest it looked just the same afterwards!

Attempted rhubarb cheesecake

And Lastly:

My main builder is on holiday for 2 weeks, but that does not mean work has stopped! My extension has windows and the plasterer is in! I’m not sure if it will be finished in time for the start of the school holidays in 4 weeks, but it shouldn’t be far off. The waiting after that, for everything to dry out before I can decorate it, is going to torture me!

I hope you have been enjoying and appreciating the little things you love this week?






  • Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    Your rhubarb tales did make me laugh, we have one in the garden and it’s done us proud so far although I don’t do much else with it other than make a crumble. I hate the weather at the minute and will always dress completely inappropriately. On the mornings its been sunny I’ve dressed for it and within an hour its been freezing and chucking it down rain and when I’ve dressed for the cold I’ve ended up roasting in my thick tights as the sun comes out, grrrr! xxx

  • Alice W says:

    Exciting on the building front, at least you can’t fault his enthusiasm.. Hearing an elephant trumpet (sounds about right I think..) in real life must have been quite something! Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  • Wow that’s one dedicated builder! Bet you can’t wait to start giving your extension a makeover once its finished. Fingers crossed the weather improves for you. Have a lovely weekend x

  • Such a gorgeous photo of your boys Mel! I’ve just frozen some rhubarb this week. I remembered you saying you’d done it last year – such a good idea! Your cheesecake looks pretty good to me!! Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  • Hope the work is still going smoothly for you, it’s hard when you don’t feel like your home is your own. Photos are gorgeous, we just have been wearing layers so we can put them on or strip off. It’s hard to keep up. Great round up #littleloves

  • The L's Mum says:

    I’m not a fan of rhubarb but it sounds like you put it to good use. I agree about the weather it’s been the same for us, one minute it’s hot the next cold, I actually put the heating on agin this week one of the days. Crazy. I bet it’s so exciting to be building an extension, an upheaval and mess I can imagine but exciting at the same time. Can’t wait to read about the progress #LittleLoves

  • I love rhubarb.. Only in the last few years though l, hated it as a child! Sounds like the extension is coming along nicely! Can’t beat a freshly plastered wall! #littlelove

  • I must admit rhubarb and I aren’t the greatest of friends but fab the plant has come back from the brink again!! I can’t cope in this weather. H and I are both quite hot so we’re opting to dress cooler and hope for the best ha ha! Sounds like the building work is getting there! Exciting xxx

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