#LittleLoves featuring Gulliver at The MAC

Gulliver at the MAC

Eh… we are into October now! How did that happen? I am loving all the autumn and halloween decor in the shops. I haven’t bought anything, (priorities,) but maybe it will all get reduced and I’ll snap it up for next year!  I have been too busy buying carpets for my extension. Come back in two weeks folks! I will be sleeping in my new bedroom, even if the only thing in the room is the carpet and the bed!

For now, here are this week’s #LittleLoves


I have fallen behind with my reading. My internet connection has been really wonky, but hopefully I will get caught up on all my favourite blogs next week.


Mr C and I were invited to the premier of Gulliver at The MAC.

“The grown up comedy tells the tale of Gulliver’s return home. He’s back, but will his family cope with all his strange new ways…. weird is the new normal.”

Gulliver at The MAC

If you are looking for escapism, this definitely fits the bill.  The actors were fantastic in their representation of a world, far from the one we know. The script was funny and thought provoking, and the set design was simple yet easily adapted for each scene. I felt the content was best suited to adults. All round, a weird but wonderful experience.

The show runs until 17th October, and you can find more info on The MAC’s website.


My wee boy Aaron had his 2 year review.  I remember feeling a little disheartened at the expectations after his 1 year review, but he smashed this one. A little shorter than average, a little heavier than average, and could talk the hind leg of a donkey. Yip, this boy takes after his mama!

Aaron eating a snack


We really pushed the boat out this week, as Mr C and I also made reservations for dinner. We were meeting with some friends who were visiting from England. It was lovely for me to sit down with a friend that I went to school with, and still have a great time, even though we don’t see each other often. We went to Fratelli’s at Galgorm Manor. It was delicious, but really busy. I just love the whole complex there, but I am a little biased, since it holds special memories of being my wedding venue. Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been.

Fratellis garden


This week, despite the heat wave, I have gone with autumn attire for my evenings out. Boots and lace are hard to beat.

Autumn wear

Lewis, has gone back in time with his wardrobe, dressing like a 1940s schoolboy.  The school had asked him to… just in case you are wondering! They didn’t give very much notice though, so this was the best Amazon and I could do!

Lewis 1940s schoolboy

And that is my round up of all the things I have been loving this week. If you want to have a nosey what some other lovely ladies have been up to just click on the badge below.

Hope to see you again soon!





  • Love the outfits and the back in time one too hahaha. We just had MM 2nd review and it was a bit weird some of the things they wanted her to do and asked her. All is well glad yours is too. Gulliver sounds fab. Glad you enjoyed it. #littleloves

  • I haven’t been to the theatre in years, I really must change that and go soon. It looks like you had a good night.
    Loving the boots and lacy top, you look fab!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

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