#LittleLoves featuring Films and Foundation!

I missed #LittleLoves last week! Honestly, half term was such a blur, I genuinely can hardly remember what I got up to!  However, here are the best bits of the last two weeks – all the things I loved the most!


I finished Gone Girl. It definitely challenged my expectations of where I thought the storyline was going. I do favour chicklit for it’s easy going nature, but I tend to skim read. I had to pay attention to keep up with this book, but it was worth it! The ending didn’t quite sit well with my sense of moral justice, but I guess the thing to remember is it is only fiction!


I heard this song called Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. I’m not saying that I like it, but it did make me laugh, more out of ludicrosity. If I had a daughter I wouldn’t let her listen to this until she was at least married! All I can say is, ‘Oh my gosh!’


So this is perhaps where I realise what I have been doing with my time! Actually, it may sound like a lot of films, but I don’t really watch any other television, so it’s not too bad for two weeks! I am going to have to do a list though!

Paddington: Our first ever family trip to the cinema! The film was really good, and I was so proud of my boys. Lewis was mesmerised and Aaron lasted right up until 5 minutes before it ended! Pretty impressive for an 18 month old!

Gone Girl: The book was so good I bought the dvd for Mr C and I to watch. I think it freaked him out a little that I liked it! He may have slept with one eye open that night!

Silver Linings Playbook: I had never heard of this film before watching it on t.v. It was a really interesting portrayal of two people with mental health issues and how they helped each other to manage through their respective heartbreaks. Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.


I made my own little version of washi tape. I was really pleased with how it turned out. You can read the tutorial here.

Make your own washi tape


Some new foundation, the same one I was wearing previously, however I discovered that Boots can colour match lipstick to your colour matched foundation, (which I recommend). I didn’t buy any, on this occasion, but I think I might!

 Boots No 7 foundation

And Lastly:

I got a new Denby kettle, which I love, although I use it as a teapot. I might just do a post on how we make tea in this part of the world, just so I can take some more pictures of it! Watch this space…

Denby blue whistling kettle 

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  • That kettle is simply gorgeous, love the colour. I;m making my way through Gone Girl but since I’ve seen the film my voracity in reading it has definitely slowed. The endings are apparently different so I want to finish it to see which I prefer. xx

  • The homemade washi tape looks fab, go you mama! I’m not creative in the slightest! Silver Linings Playbook is actually one of my favourite films, i think the stigma surrounding mental health is portrayed brilliantly. xxx #LittleLoves

  • Jude says:

    Love your DIY washi tape! How clever! Must get on board with the Gone Girl thang as well. I’ve tried to start that book a few times but just can’t get into it. Thanks for sharing your #littleloves

  • lifeatthelittlewood says:

    Oh my goodness I love your teapot/kettle so much Mel! Very lovely indeed! 🙂 I’m dying to read/watch Gone Girl. We have it on our Lovefilm list so its a race against time to read it before it arrives in the post! 🙂 xx

  • I know I’m starting backwards but serious love for that kettle/teapot! It’s fab! I really want to watch Gone Girl, there is no point in saying I’ll read the book because I never get yo read anymore – far too exhausted! Love the wasabi tape, must have a look at your tutorial! Have a great week xxx

  • Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    I love your kettle, we need a new one so may have to invest in one like yours, it would go perfectly in our kitchen. I really need to watch Gone Girl everyone has been talking about it!
    Have a lovely week xx

  • I love the washi tape idea. So simple but brilliant idea. I read a comparison of the book and movie for Gone Girl so knew a lot about it and then read book. I think it would shock my husband but hope to watch it sometime. Have a good weekend!

  • Mummy Hearts You says:

    I have sever kettle envy!! Gorgeous!! Silver linings playbook is such a great film isn’t it? I loved it when I saw it xx

  • Nat Jones says:

    I’ve got Gone Girl to read but like you i usually like an easy read more to unwind than anything. I’m definitely going to check out the Washi Tape tutorial!

    Have a good weekend xx

  • Love your kettle! When we got married we got a singing kettle in red – a LeCreuset one! I still love it 🙂 We went to see Paddington over half term too – my 3 all loved it! Such a cute wee, innocent film. Have a lovely weekend x

  • anotherbun1 says:

    I have kettle envy too!! Such a lovely colour! My 2 year old loved Paddington (so did I) and it’s such a nice treat to take them x

  • I really enjoyed reading Gone Girl (haven’t seen the film yet) but I heard someone really slagging off the ending afterwards and then I kind of wasn’t sure how I’d really felt about the ending. Really great page turner though! I loved Silver Linings Playbook as well (although I really don’t know what the word ‘playbook’ is doing in there?) I adore you teapot/kettle!! So pretty. Have a great weekend Mel Xx #littleloves

  • Ok, is it weird to admit I have kettle (and cooker) envy? It’s such a beautiful colour and so shiny!
    I watched about a minute of the video but had to turn it off! My poor eyeballs were in shock 😉
    Have a great week xx

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