#Littleloves Featuring a Herb Garden and a Heatwave!

Are you all fed up talking about this week’s heatwave? To be fair, I spent ‘that day’ on the beach where it was a pleasant 20 degrees with a steady fresh breeze! It was very nice though! I could happily do it every week! Here’s what else I have been enjoying this week!


I have finally finished We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. I do not know where I went wrong. I should have loved this book. It was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, and lots of the themes in the book linked into my Psychology background. But… I just could not get into it! It a story about siblings and family dynamics, amongst many other things. Has anyone else read this? If so I would love to hear your opinion!


I have finished the entire first season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It was utter nonsense, but I quite enjoyed it! Mr C and I also watched Angels and Demons last weekend. We both got to about 30 minutes before the end, before deciding that we had seen it before! Ooppps!


I have been listening to the sound of my coffee machine every morning. We bought it with vouchers we received when we got married, but to be honest, it has rarely been on! Now it”s time to use it, or lose it! I drink so much more coffee now than I used to – I blame the kids!  It’s been good though. Really good!

coffee granules


Factor 15 on an overcast day, and to be honest, it wasn’t enough! The boys were slathered in their Factor 50 and we enjoyed a day at Portrush beach. Even I had my shorts on!

Portrush Beach


I’ve been doing some pottering around in my garden. You may remember that I mentioned weeks ago that I had started a herb pallet. It still a bit sparse and I’m still not sure if I will keep it when I design my veggie patch. Meanwhile though, I made some slate and chalk signs so that Mr C  knows what to get when I send him out for some herbs!

Pallet Herb Garden

And Lastly:

I been enjoying letting the boys get outside together a bit more. I don’t know what they were discussing in this picture, but they are like two little old men putting the world to rights! (Or discussing the abundance of weeds!)


And that’s it for this week’s round up! I hope you are all enjoying the sun, and appreciating the little things!


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  • That is the cutest pic of your two having a chat in the garden! Love your herb pallet, I want one now! Have a great week x

  • Your herb garden, I, I’d love to do this! May be sending the hubby out to find a pallet
    I miss living by the sea, very jealous of your pics on the beach!
    Hope ye have a lovely week xxx

  • Alice W says:

    That’s a lovely little herb garden, proper fresh herbs! Your day at the beach looks like a good one, we went to Portrush whilst we were on our honeymoon but sadly it wasn’t quite beach weather :p hope you have a fab weekend xx

  • I love your herb pallet, should a great idea. I love my herb garden by the kitchen door. Mine is just a plant pot though.

  • The beach is the place to be in this weather! We went today and it was so much cooler with the sea breeze x

  • Oh the herb garden looks amazing. I am jealous. Nothing better than proper coffee. I blame the kids too for my coffee habits. hahaha Lovely #littleloves

  • Your herb pallet is great. I’m planning a herb garden but haven’t quite got round to the logistics yet. The slate is a fab idea so everyone knows what’s what. I remember once as a kid I put a handful of dandelions in the potatoes instead of mint because I didn’t know what I was looking for!
    The photo of your boys is adorable, they look like they are putting the world to rights x

  • Love your herb pallet! My eldest has declared she wants to spend the weekend gardening, which is out of the blue for us as none of us a very green fingered! It’s great just be outside in the garden though isn’t it?
    Have a lovely weekend xx

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