#LittleLoves feat The MAC and a Birthday!

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by to catch up with all my Little Loves this week. My days continue to be filled with renovation decision making, whilst trying to keep normal family life ticking along! Some days I am more successful at this than others! It’s been a good week though, so without further ado here are some of the highlights:


I was delighted to accept an invitation to The MAC theatre in Belfast, to see a production called Little Sure Shot.  Inspired by the true life story of Annie Oakley, the show was a fast paced, wild west adventure! Suitable for all ages, it was recommended in particular for 7 – 11 year olds. I don’t have any of them, so I took Lewis and his cousin instead, (both 5). The show was quite dark and sombre in places (we had a few tears), but when the cast broke out in song, and throughout most of the story, the kids were riveted and completely captivated by the action on stage. I think the small venue really helped draw the audience into the production, and everyone was cheering Annie on, and encouraging her to succeed in her quest to become the best shooter around!

The MAC Belfast

Little Sure Shot


Normally, I would pick one of the two books I had read the previous week to share with you. You may have noticed that an actual book has not featured in this section for quite some time! That is because, for some reason, it is taking me weeks and weeks to get through my current novel! I just cannot concentrate to read it! I actually think it might be a really good book! Titled, The Next Time You See Me, it has a kind of Gone Girl feel to it. It is interesting that this phenomena appears to coincide with the commencement of my building work!  Hmmm….

Book The Next Time You See Me


Lewis turned 5 years old this week, and I agreed he could have a party for his class at the local softplay! Now, not all his class came, but I did still endure two hours of screaming children, many of whom had been left under my care. Luckily everyone survived! I’m not sure if that would have been the case if Mr C hadn’t taken the day off work to help me out!

5th Birthday Party


I have a 5 year old – why does that seem so much older than 4? And look – I used my selfie stick to get a photo! Money well spent!



I have nothing to report, but Lewis did get an new outfit. He is very into dressing up at the moment, and it shows how much he enjoyed the performance of Little Sure Shot at The Mac, when he choose to spend some of his Birthday money on a cowboy outfit! What a very polite looking cowboy he makes! Yee haa!

Cowboy dress up


Oh dear, I’ve not done very well on this topic. You might have been expecting me to have made Lewis a cake? Well you see, last year I made the mistake of asking him what he wanted in a cake. He wanted a minion driving a tractor! Having never iced a cake before I gave it my best shot! Many many pennies and many many hours later, I had something that resembled a minion driving a tractor. This year was different. Actual strangers I had never even spoken to before were going to be eating this cake. So I bought one from Sainsbury instead! I did make fish and chips this week. From the freezer admittedly…

Fish and chips

And Lastly:

The extension continues to progress. Windows have been ordered. Plumbing and electric plans have been finalised. Concrete and bricks don’t make the prettiest of pictures though, so you will have to keep checking back for the finished result!

I hope you have had a week filled with lovely things, and have taken a moment to appreciate them! Don’t forget you can read some more #LittleLoves posts by clicking the badge below!




*I was given complimentary tickets to The MAC. Opinions given are honest and mine!


  • Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    Lewis is just too cute in his cowboy outfit, so sweet. 5 does sound so much older than 4, but my little boy is 4 in November and that sounds so much older than 3. I really wish time could stand still for a little while xx

  • Lewis looks like such a lovely little boy, and he looks adorable in his cowboy outfit. I love that he chose to spend his birthday money on that. That fish and chips looks very healthy compared to a naughty battered one!

    Have a lovely week xxx

  • thelovebump says:

    oh man… the cowboy outfit is too flipping cute!!

  • Renovating can be stressful but choosing things and seeing it all come together will be so worthwhile!!

  • Ah your little one looks so cute as a cowboy! I loved Annie Get Your Gun as a kid so that production you saw would have been right up my street too! Have a great weekend! x

  • Happy Birthday Lewis, he is just adorable in his cowboy outfit! Love the selfie of you both! Hope you are not driven demented with the extension and it’s coming together nicely! The fish and chips look amazing! Hope ye have a lovely weekend xxx

  • Alice W says:

    Happy Birthday to Lewis, sounds like a crazy but fun party 🙂 mmm fish and chips, tempted to go down the road to get some… Hope the extension keeps going well, have a fab weekend xx

  • schoolgatestyle says:

    Oh that is just the cutest photo of your wee man – such a dote! I don’t envy you on the extension….good luck with the work and keep the gin flowing – it helped me when we went through our work recently! Have a great weekend x

  • Goodluck with the extension! Happy birthday to your Lewis. My son will turn 5 next month and I am so emotional already! #pocolo

  • Oh bless your wee man in his cowboy outfit! How adorable! It was lovely to see you, albeit briefly, the other night. It was such a great wee show. We had very tired kiddies on Wednesday! Have a great weekend Mel! Xx

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