Life Lately – March 2016

hello sunshine

Some bloggers will tell you about every detail of their life. I’m sure it must be cathartic for them. It makes interesting reading for me! However, I am not one of those bloggers. In fact, my blog exists mainly to serve as a reminder of all the little joys and pleasures I have in life.  I would really like to have a grumble about all the things that aren’t going to plan. (Such as the fact that my children have now decided to get up at 6am every morning with the sunrise – give me strength!)  But… I’m not going to dwell on the negatives. Instead I’m going to share some of the things which have made me smile recently. Like the fact that the daffodils are blooming, and the skies have been blue! Spring is definitely on it’s way! Hurrah!


So what have I been up to? Well, a couple of weeks ago I went on a night out to the Cabaret Supper Club in Belfast. After a rather tasty dinner I watched an energetic Take That Tribute band, and sampled a few of the cocktails on offer. (I recommend the Flirtini. Yum yum.) I really enjoyed it. At my age it is nice to have a dedicated seat, and the lack of dance floor, didn’t actually deter us from dancing.


I know I don’t often give beauty tips, but I thought I would mention the lip gloss I was wearing. It is called Provocalips by Rimmel and claims to stay put for 16 hours. It actually did. My lips were still pink the next morning! You can find it on Amazon here Rimmel Provocalips Transfer Proof Lipstick, Kiss Me You Fool

Rimmel lip gloss

In other news, I bought myself a spiralizer. I do eat a lot of spaghetti so by mixing it with courgetti, I am trying to cut back on the carbs. I bought mine in store from British Home Stores although I couldn’t find it on-line. Again,  Amazon have similar A wee tip if you do try to make this, is to stir fry the courgetti instead of boiling it. It turns out perfectly.

Spiralizer Spiraliser

I was going to tell you about some of the Netflix and Amazon prime films I have enjoyed lately, but I think I will do a separate post, as there are quite a few. So please do follow me on Facebook or Twitter to make sure you don’t miss any of my upcoming posts.

Here’s hoping the sun keeps shining!

Mel x


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  • Hey Mel, I think I mostly blog similar to you with the exception of my thyroid posts. Sometimes, I’d like to share a few family things as I know others could empathise with it and take something useful from it – but I feel it’s over sharing and intruding on my kids’ privacy. I often struggle with that. Any ways, enjoyed your post and it lifted my spirits

  • Louisa says:

    It’s nice to focus on the positives (although I probably fall into the over sharer category). The sunshine and flowers blossoming has certainly lifted all our spirits too. I’d love to try courgetti but am not sure how the kids would react. Have a great weekend x

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