Life Lately: Featuring Lost Days

Generally on a Friday I write a post called Little Loves. This week I forgot. Well, not so much that I forgot, more that I lost a day. Up until about 3pm today (Friday), I thought it was Thursday. So in lieu of my usual post here is a little catch up on my life lately.

Building work is still progressing on my house. We are in the final fixes with the emphasis now on tiling, skirting, painting and floor coverings. Physically, mentally and financially I am ready for this stage of my life to be over. I want to be able to hang up my clothes in a wardrobe, not have to worry about workmen, and use my pocket money for fun adventures with the kids instead of paint trays and masking tape. It may not have much in the way of fancy décor when it’s finished, but it is going to be great to get it done!

Perhaps I am a little grumpy as the school holidays are nearly over. Next week Lewis will be joining P2 and the alarm clock will once again be set for 7.30am. This week saw one of the best days of summer weather wise though, so we made the most of it at Portstewart strand. It was a perfect day; sandy sandwiches and everything!

Picnic at Portstewart

Portstewart strand play

Sail boat PortstewartBeach shelter Portstewart

And of course the obligatory North Coast visit to Barry’s amusements.

Lewis dodgems Barry's


Another day this week was spent traipsing around the town, buying new shoes for the boys, and stocking up on school socks and toiletries. I also finally found some new salt and pepper shakers. I have been looking for ones that I like for months, and I found these beauties in B&M for the bargain price of £1. Mini Mason jars. Could they be any cuter?

Mason jar salt and pepperHopefully next week I will be able to remember what day it is, and I will return with the standard Little Loves post.

I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you have planned.



  • daydreamingfoodie says:

    Really rather jealous of your day on the beach – even the sandy sandwiches 😉

  • Oh can you believe schools are back in the next week??! I dread having to be somewhere for 9am again Always a great day up the north coast, and even more so when the sun shines x

  • Louisa says:

    Lol. It’s so confusing in the holidays isn’t it? Your kids go back much earlier than us, we’re off until 8th and 9th of September.
    It must be great to be on the final fixes of your renovations. Our sashes are finally being fitted next week ( luckily we’re in our hols so the house sitter will have to deal with it) and we will be embarking on plastering etc when we get back.
    Good luck with the early mornings next week xx

    • mydaysni says:

      Thanks Louisa. You are quite late back with school, but then Lewis has been off since June, so I guess it all works out in the end. Happy holidays missus x

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