Lewis Rules This Week’s #LittleLoves!

Hello hello! Before starting this post I reflected back over the last week, and it has been crazy! So many good things have made me smile this week. And some not so good things have occurred also… but I’m not going to dwell on them! Instead I am as usual linking up with Morgana at But Why Mummy Why to share my #LittleLoves. Here goes:


For the first time in a very long time, I have not finished reading a whole book! So, instead I am recommending to you a blog post. It is very funny, and details how one Mum ended up with a life size giraffe. It’s funny, because I knew when I read it that it could be me some day! Head on over to The Clothes Line to find out more!


I am blessed with a child who jumps out of bed in the morning and feels fantastic! You know that feeling us adults wish we could experience, just once! Lewis has that every morning! It has recently reached new levels. He now jumps out off bed. Gets dressed in whichever fancy dress outfit appeals, and then proceeds to wake us up while being Superman or a Fireman or Spiderman, etc etc… If I’m really lucky he will be singing one of the songs he is currently practising for his school concert. His favourites being, Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag, and It’s a Long Way to Tipperary. It is kinda cute, but there is no way I am in any shape to be taking photo’s before I’ve even got out of bed! This is pretty much what it looks like though!

Fireman Lewis


I watched the film Bridesmaids last weekend. It was another film I was mesmerised by, mostly because it was so horrendous. In places I actually had to hide behind my hands! I’m not sure if that also means it was good?  I also discovered a programme on BBC2 (Thursdays at 7pm I think) called Britain’s Got the Builders In. It is a short series about the relationship between builders and their clients, but it looks interesting. I think it’s basically them slagging each other off a lot!


I have nothing to report. Lewis got some new clogs though. He had a pair last year, and they were brilliant for the beach and just running about in for the summer. Plus these were in his favourite colours so how could I not buy them!

Purchased from Heatons Coleraine.

Purchased from Heatons Coleraine.


It’s been a quiet week creatively. Most of it has been spent ‘making’ our house smaller, in preparation for the builders starting the extension. However Mr C quite likes that he and I are camping out in the living room. He says it feels like we are staying in a boutique hotel. Obviously we need to start getting out more! I did make some mini banoffees for a family lunch though. With help from my two boys of course!

Making banoffee


Mini Banoffee

I hope that you have had lots of things make you smile this past week!


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