The Husband’s Secret, Chicken Dinner and London. #LittleLoves

Harrods Tea Room

I am excited to be joining in with Coffee Work Sleep and the #LittleLoves bloggers this week, as I have loads to tell you about. Some weeks pass with very little worth mentioning happening! I am not going to leave you hanging, let’s get straight to business.


Lianne Moriarty

I have started reading Liane Moriarty’s, The Husband’s Secret. I’m about a third of the way through, and sometimes I have had to pause to keep a track of all the characters, but on the whole I am enjoying this book. I still haven’t actually found out what the secret is, but the suspense keeps me turning the pages. It is currently available on Amazon from £1.99. Just click here.


I’m late to the game as always, but Mr C and I have started watching Suits, and we are really enjoying it. It is an American lawyer drama, featuring a young associate, and his learning curve in the business. I love the sarcasm and wit, it really appeals to my sense of humour.  It is currently available on Netflix or Amazon


Aaron at sports day

I listened to Aaron cheering on his brother at Sports Day. They have such different personalities, I feel like a first time mum sometimes with Aaron. He is becoming very opinionated, boisterous and cheeky, yet he is still adorable – most of the time!


diet coke chicken

I also finally got around to making this diet coke chicken, that is loved by slimming world fans! And even though I had to adapt the recipe a little, it was really tasty.


Canvas shoes

These shoes I picked up in Shoe Zone for about a fiver.  They are quite possibly the first pair of canvas shoes I have owned since leaving the GB but I might just be tempted to get a few more in a similar style!

And Lastly:

My last #LittleLove is the reason I didn’t join in last week. I was off gallivanting on a little trip to London with my Mother. Having a cup of tea in Harrods has long been on her wish list, so I decided to treat her for her birthday. It was a real whistle stop tour, and as well as every tube station, we managed to see some of the sights such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Oxford Street and Covent Garden shops.

Buckingham Palace

The real purpose was the visit to Harrods though, and I have to say I loved browsing through the homeware departments, and just admiring the luxury of it all, even if I did leave empty handed.


Harrods piano

Harrods display

Harrods Tea Room

All in all, a pretty good week for me, and I hope you had one too!

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