How I Spent my Summer 2015

Sail boat Portstewart

Last year I wrote a post called  How I Spent my  Summer, and I thought I would do the same this year. Although in honesty, this year has felt much more like an exercise in finding signs that summer had even begun. There are few things quite as depressing as looking at the weather forecast and it says; Belfast 14; London 24. That is 10 whole very important degrees of difference. And it’s not as if London is that far away.

And breathe…

Okay, moving on, here is a recap of how I spent my summer:

Renovating and decorating my home. If I am still saying this next year, I am going to be very unimpressed indeed! I am yet to complete any one room. It has been a much harder process than I anticipated. Partly because of the finances. It turns out I have expensive taste for my shallow pockets.  I find something I really like for around £2000, and then spend several months trying to find an equivalent for around £20. It doesn’t always work out too well!

It’s also just unsettling having people in and around the house. I can’t shout at the children without wondering if I’m being judged. I have to keep the bathroom blinds shut as every time I go for a pee someone is standing outside the bathroom window. And there have been occasions where the builders have turned up and I am still in bed. I have a, ‘Don’t knock on the door until the curtains are opened policy’. I have to say, they are all pretty good at keeping their end of the deal, but I am looking forward to getting rid of them. In the nicest possible way, you understand.

Kitchen utensil storage

Adventures and beach days. We do enjoy a wee day at the beach. My kids love the freedom, and they are usually really content on the beach, just digging holes and making castles. They are still at an age where I can’t take my eyes off them, but another few years and I reckon I might even be able to take a book with me – and read it!

Portstewart strand play

Changing Rooms Pickie Fun Park

Inside Downhill Demesne

Cheese!!! This is the face I get when I bring out the camera! Or maybe he was just excited because we went to McD's! #kids #kidsofinstagram #toddler #mcdonalds

Cheese!!! This is the face I get when I bring out the camera! Or maybe he was just excited because we went to McD’s! #kids #kidsofinstagram #toddler #mcdonalds

Friends and family time. I had myself a little girls weekend, which was fabulous and long overdue. And I managed to catch up with some of my family that I don’t see that much of, even though they are not that far away. My cousin and I enjoy planning adventures, even if they are a little unrealistic. Girls have to dream you know. And some dreams do come true!

Cooking in the kitchen. Hurrah for progress! Last year I din’t have a functional kitchen at all. Of course I was thinner then…. Still, I have enjoyed making some new creations.

Sausage Pasta Recipe

Spinach and Courgette Lasagne Recipe

Watermelon drinks recipe



And there you have it, a little re-cap of my summer. It turns out I had a packed a little more in there than I had remembered.

Now it’s time to get back into routine, iron the school uniform, and dig out the winter woollies.

I hope your summer was good to you too?


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