Getting Ready for Christmas – Featuring Tesco NI

Holly and berries

Christmas season is upon us, and I am not ready. Of course I am not ready! Is anyone ever actually ready in advance? Have your homes been cleaned from top to bottom? Cards all written? Presents all wrapped? Are your children’s eyes twinkling with magic and delight, while they behave impeccably in anticipation of the big day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please share the secret of your success!

My list of chores to achieve before Christmas is unlikely to be completed, but I am slowly progressing. This week saw me begin the task of decorating our home.

First of all we needed a tree, so we visited the same farm we used last year. Unfortunately it was blowing a hurricane and all the trees looked like they were leaning sideways in the gale. We hastily picked one, and although it is a little haggard in places, that suits us just fine!

Christmas tree 2015

Aaron Christmas 2015

And even though Aaron currently has a case of tonsillitis, both he and Lewis enjoyed helping to add the decorations. Here are some of my favourites. I really need to add to my tree decorations, and I am still looking out for more to help fill it out a little.

Christmas tree decorations

Of course, I have added other little festive pieces throughout the home as well.

piano decoration v2

Christmas train

Christmas KitchenI had a great excuse to get out ┬áthe Christmas tableware when ┬áTesco sent me a wee hamper to test out some of the local produce they stock. They wanted, “To show that no matter your choice of bird, Tesco Northern Ireland can help you have a truly Northern Irish Christmas by providing ‘all the trimmings’ required for for dinner, accompaniments and sweet treats during the festive period.”

Tesco hamper

So I made an impromptu Christmas dinner; minus the bird.

Veg soup

Christmas trimmings

Christmas dinner trimmings

Christmas dinner

Christmas maderia cake

We enjoyed:

Vegetable soup with wheaten bread.

Honey roast ham with paprika baked baby potatoes, honeyed carrots and parsnips, breadcrumb stuffing and brussel sprouts. I also made an onion sauce to serve.

Maderia cake with fresh coffee.

I think my family were quite taken back to be presented by such a feast on a blustery Tuesday night, but it went down a treat, getting the thumbs up from Lewis and the rest of the family. A big thank you to Tesco and all the companies that contributed. I definitely believe that we should support our local farmers and businesses where possible.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?



Disclosure: I was sent a hamper free of charge from Tesco, with no obligation.



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