Catch Up With My Days – September 2016


Hello hello! Can you believe September is nearly over?The past few weeks have completely run away with me! I have some things to share with you though, so grab a cuppa, and read on! Asda asked if I would let you know about their Tickled Pink Products in support of Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now this October. It’s such a good cause of course I agreed. Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign, part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is now in its 20th year. Every product sold includes a donation to the appeal. They have some really cute items, but if pom pom socks and pyjamas aren’t really your thing then look for the logo when buying your coca cola and crumpets. That way you can be sure some money is going to charity.


I have also just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I really enjoyed it, and it’s quite shocking it has taken this long for it to get on my reading list. However, if you have read it I suggest you may also like The Secret Life of Bees, which has similar themes. (Find them on Amazon.)


Mr C made the dinner one evening. He was so proud of himself he said I had to take a photo and put it on my blog. So here you go! Chicken and bacon salad. It was lovely!


Now that we going outside isn’t quite so appealing, I have been turning my attentions back to the house, which I have concluded will never be finished! Aaron got his little A shelf put on the wall.


And Tufferman sent me some garage shelves to try out. (Find them here.) Mr C had them up in no time and my plan is to use them to store all the children’s outdoor toys.


I definitely feel in the mood for a clear out. Like autumn’s version of a Spring clean. Does that have a name? I’ve been trying to sell some of our old baby stuff, like nursery furniture and clothes. The problem is I charge too much as I suspect I am charging for sentimental value, as well as what the items are worth. I will most likely give them to charity, but it is hard to let go! Mr C says keep them for the grandchildren, but really…. I can imagine what the response would be in 20 years time if I tried to make some future daughter-in-law use fusty old clothes I had been storing in the attic!

Anyhow, I have started rambling, a sure sign that I should stop typing now.

Till next time, take it easy!





  • Charlotte says:


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  • Louisa says:

    I’m in the mood for a clean out too however I’ll never part with the baby stuff I’ve got left up the loft. My grandchildren WILL use it come he’ll or high water x

    • mydaysni says:

      Ahhh.. you plan to be one of those Grannies? I change my mind regularly about whether I am aiming to be a hip cool young Granny or a crazy lady that aims to embarrass her kids. Of course, when the time comes, the choice may not be mine lol! x

  • creative pixie says:

    The A shelf is brilliant, where’s it from? I know what you mean about having an autumn clear out, I’m totally in the mood for this. We have a huge book case in our living room that we’ve been storing books double depth – a sure sign we have too many books.
    Jean x

    • mydaysni says:

      I did my double booked book case in the summer. It was a task in itself. 6 years ago we had a dedicated study with about 6 book cases. Now I have kids and 1 bookcase. It was a hard choice lol! The A shelf is from TK Maxx, I saw it one day and just had to have it.

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