A Hen Party, A Wedding Film and Silence… #LittleLoves

Belfast International Airport

Belfast International Airport

Hey y’all! I missed last weeks Little Loves as I was living it up at a Hen Party in Newcastle. Everyone has been asking me did I not miss my boys too much? No offence, but I have barely had a moment to myself for the past 5 years, so I was ready for a break! It was good! And this post is heavily weighted by last weekend’s events, because I have pretty much been taking it easy ever since! My age and I are having a slight disagreement at the moment! Anyway… here are my Little Loves:


My mum, bless her, gave me a lift to the airport and then gave me some money to buy some dinner while I waited for my flight. This is what I got. Luckily she doesn’t read my blog, but Thanks Mum! Let’s call the magazine food for the soul! I haven’t read a magazine in ages, I enjoyed catching up on my celebrity gossip!

DSCN8186 (2)


Silence. I had moments of actual silence last weekend. There are moments of silence in my house too, but when you have young kids, you actually have to listen harder when there is silence. Young kids means constantly using all your senses to keep your kids safe. It’s an instinctive thing. Last weekend, I had moments of silence where I closed my eyes and didn’t have to worry about a thing! I actually feel quite mentally refreshed. I think the break did me good!


The Wedding Ringer – A film about a guy who’s business is providing ‘Best Man’ services to friendless grooms. It was funny. If you enjoyed the film, Hitch, then you would enjoy The Wedding Ringer.

The Wedding Ringer 1


A St. Tropez tan, a little black dress and a cowboy hat! I know, I know! I think we’ve established I don’t get out much, and it was a Hen Party! I also tried on my bridesmaid dress, but you don’t get to see that yet!



I made a start with the painting in what will be Aaron’s room. I figure I might as well do it before all the joinery and second fix electrics is done. My builder doesn’t know I’ve started painting, but I’m sure it’ll be fine….


And Lastly:

I was given this bag for my friend, and I love it! I have loads of different carrier bags, but the ClaireaBella ones really are that little bit different. You can find out more in my review post.

Brideabella by Claireabella


And that concludes my Little Loves! Do click on the badge below to find out what some other blogging ladies have been loving!



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