5 Kitchen Gadgets I’m Loving Right Now

Slimming World Burger

Summer is fast approaching, and as always I am having the eternal battle of trying to eat a healthier diet. It doesn’t come easily to me. There are many days that I quite simply fail at it. I am not a huge believer in diets, I do believe that trying to make healthier choices is a realistic way forward, for me. And although I don’t attend slimming world, I find many of their recipes and ideas sensible and logical. With that in mind, here are 5 kitchen gadgets I’m loving right now.

5 Kitchen Gadgets I’m Loving Right Now

burger press

The first is this burger press. I live with three boys and they are slightly obsessed with burgers. However, with this nifty gadget I can make slimming world friendly burgers, that are low in fat and even my children will eat them. Of course, you can just shape them with your hands, but this is more fun.


The second is my spiralizer. We eat a lot of pasta and I am really enjoying switching out some pasta for courgetti. Admittedly, the children are not fans of this.


The kids will however eat my slimming world chips. They can tell the difference, but if I present them in these cool little baskets, it makes them much more interesting, and therefore appealing to my family.


Fourth is my pineapple corer. I mean really this is really cool because it just does such a neat job of extracting the pineapple. Plus it leaves the outer skin intact, so I am really excited about making summer cocktails with these.

loose tea caddy

Last, but not least is my tea infuser. We all know that drinking plenty is supposed to help in the battle of not eating too much.  I not saying it works, but I do like drinking tea.

And there you have it. 5 kitchen gadgets I’m loving right now. I do quite like collecting gadgets for the kitchen, so I would love to hear what you own that you love.


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