Tommy Turner’s Travels Series: Book Review

As someone who has always had a love of books, I have been delighted to watch and encourage as my own children have developed their own preferences for literature. When I was offered the chance to review the Tommy Turner’s Travel Series by Ali Seegar, I knew that this was an opportunity my 9 year old son would be only too happy to contribute to. The books are aimed at 8-12 year old children and feature fun-filled time-travelling adventures.

In the first book, Tommy Turner’s Tremendous Travels, Tommy doesn’t feel much like a hero, and who would with an unbearable family, a new school to fit into and the threat of the Higgins Twins’ fists on Monday morning. But then a chance meeting with old Mr Petrovsky propels Tommy into a time-travelling, adventure-chasing double life. By day he’s just a normal, messed-up football-loving kid but his nights are spent visiting aliens, fighting mythical creatures and even winning the World Cup!

This really captured my son’s imagination. He described Tommy as a ‘cool character’ and felt that it would be great to know Mr Petrovsky in real life.

In the second book, Tommy Turner’s Battle for Yorintown, Tommy finds himself propelled into a race against time. It’s true that Tommy Turner wanted another adventure, but he never expected to be sucked headfirst into a bottle! Or to discover that, of all the creatures in the entire universe, only he can save an alien planet from dying. He certainly didn’t mean to time-travel with Uncle Harry and Digby to the great ancient Maya city of Pakatoka, where they must save themselves before they can find the pyramid with the secret chamber. But the fact is, when you’re a time-traveller, anything can happen…

My 9 year year old found this book a bit more challenging to read. As a parent, I feel this is a positive. Throughout the series Ali Seegar has managed to blend facts with fiction, history with imagination and fun with learning. In this way the Tommy Turner series not only fuels imagination and provides escapism from everyday life, it also teaches through improving vocabulary, introducing historical facts and addressing ethical issues in a way that children can understand.

The Tommy Turner’s Travels series was hit in this house!

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