Pumpkin Styling

I love pumpkins! I have no particular reason for loving pumpkins, I just do. Perhaps it’s because I have quite eclectic taste. My home will never be perfect so instead I embrace the quirkiness.

Pumpkins are a bit like that. They are rarely perfect.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Many with their imperfections on display. Yet if they were all the same they just wouldn’t have the same appeal!

This year I managed to find some ceramic pumpkins for sale locally, and I also styled some craft pumpkins myself. I bought an assortment of artificial white pumpkins and used items I had to style them to go with my furnishings.

I used black spray paint, silver paint, gold nail polish and diamante cake ribbon to jazz up my pumpkins. They turned out really well, and they will last year after year, which is great!

They also look really good placed on a tray with some candles.

Of course, the possibilities are endless for styling ideas. I also tried a country style, where I just used PVA glue to stick on some leaves. Again I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

Every year we buy pumpkins with the intention of carving them out, and often times we just don’t get it done. At least this year I know no matter how busy I am I will be able to enjoy my pumpkin styling efforts!


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