DIY Washi Tape

As a lover of all things homemade and handcrafted, I have been watching the Washi Tape craze grow and grow. I love the idea of patterned tapes – such a fabulous concept! There is an enormous selection of Washi Tapes available to buy on the market, so much so, I have failed to purchase any as I couldn’t decide on a preferred pattern! I am also a bit of a hoarder, and I struggle to throw out pretty things, especially some of the beautiful gift wrap I receive. So I decided to make some DIY Washi Tape, using some scraps of fabric and paper I had in the house. It was so easy, and can transform the plainest of objects! Here’s how:

DIY Washi Tape:

All you need is some fabric or paper, some scissors, and some double sided tape!

make your own washi tape

Stick one side of the double sided tape to the reverse side of your pattern.

Cut out washi tape

And then cut along the edges of the tape. Now you have your own personal Washi Tape, and when you’re ready to use it, all you need to do is remove the backing from the other side.


Make your own washi tape

One of the benefits of making your own DIY washi tape is you can easily amass a collection suited to your own style; and for very little money! You can create tapes of pastels or primary colours. Tapes filled with patterns, or plain block colours.

There are thousands of uses for this tape, but I am particularly excited to have some in stock, that I will use to personalise stationary, and use as gift wrap. As for what you can do with your DIY washi tape; well, the limit is your imagination. Here are a few ideas, or check out Pinterest for hundreds more!

  • Wine glass charms
  • Create unique invitations
  • Jazz up a photo frame
  • Decorate glass jars
  • Create your own geometric wall art
  • Brighten up a clay flowerpot


washi tape ideas



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