Designing a yellow boy’s bedroom

As you may know, I’m hoping a house move is on the cards this year. I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself but I have already started pinning ideas and asking Lewis what he would like if he gets a new bedroom. He has responded to my query and his wish is for his bedroom to be “yellow – brighter than the sun! With diggers and farms”.

Okaaay… not too sure about that. I want him to be involved and make choices, but at the same time I want it to look good!

So how trustworthy is my little boys opinion? Will he change his mind next week? In this instance I actually believe him. Yellow has always been his favourite colour, I believe this comes from his obsession with diggers! So reading between the lines I came to the conclusion that actually, if we incorporated yellow diggers, the walls themselves would not need to be “brighter than the sun”, and instead a background colour could be used to highlight yellow diggers.
To test this little theory of mine, I presented him with some very rudimentary sketches. I know they look like a child’s drawing however this was intentional, to communicate with Lewis at his level, and absolutely nothing to do with my limited artistic skills!


Design decisions are difficult!

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I was certain Lewis would pick the yellow tractor/digger picture instead of the yellow walls picture, however I was wrong. His preference was still the yellow walls!
Now I have a dilemma, do I decorate his room as per his request, or go with the option I feel is more aesthetically pleasing (to me)?
I have so many great ideas on my Pinterest boards for boys bedrooms, and none of them involve a bedroom that is fluorescent yellow! I have also been scouring the internet for digger themed bedrooms and again, although the accessories are yellow, these ideas would not work with yellow walls.

I don’t have any problem with the colour yellow. It can make for a lovely warm sunny room, but I’m finding it hard to incorporate this with a farm or animal theme.

I also want his room to be adaptable. Lewis is nearly four and he will be starting school in September. I want it to be easy to update his room as the years go by, instead of having to do a total makeover each time his tastes advance.

If anyone has any examples of yellow boy’s bedroom designs, or yellow farm themed bedrooms, please do let me know!

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How much input do you allow your children with design?


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  • lorna mai says:

    I think its great him being so actively involved in designing his room but if it were me I’d try and avoid yellow walls. If the colour blue is relaxing and calm, what effect do you think yellow may have on him? I may be over thinking but I know the effect colours have on our subconscious. Interesting read!

  • You could split it and have 1 yellow wall as a corn field with a tractor in it and then a more neutral colour on the rest of the walls with farm animal motifs? That might be a compromise 😉
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

  • Merlinda (@pixiedusk) says:

    Lemon yellow would work. This is a good color as it will always be bright even when its gloomy outside. You can combine it with green or blue.



  • Good luck! I wish I had some words of advice, but I think your son may have better design instincts than me 😉

  • A pale, almost sorbet yellow might be good with white? I’m glad I have girls as it’s easy as everything is pink! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

  • Life at the Little Wood says:

    Aww, bless him! We went for the usual blue/nautical theme in Noah’s room. Thankfully he couldn’t have cared less what he was getting. Not too sure how I’d have coped with an off piste colour! Maybe you could go for very very pale yellow? A yellowy cream? Good luck! E x

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