Decorating a Toddler Boy’s Bedroom

When we moved into our current home, a year ago, I asked Lewis what kind of bedroom he wanted. He said he wanted bright yellow walls, and so, that is what he got. Well… he got one bright yellow wall – the rest are blue! Aaron hasn’t fully mastered the art of speech yet so I will have to decide on his décor for him. I’m looking forward to decorating a toddler boy’s bedroom, and I thought I would share with you some of my plans and purchases so far.

I definitely want a room that will stand the test of time! I want something which can easily be accessorised, and adapted as Aaron’s tastes and interests change.

It needs to be an area where he can play happily with his toys, and enjoy the rough and tumble games that are in his nature. It also needs to be somewhere he can relax, wind down, enjoy time with a book, and chill out before bed.

I am going to paint the walls in plain white. This way it will be easy to remedy any little mishaps (like crayons), and I can add interest in the details.

I have decided to have a rainbow of colours. This way it will be easy to make sure his favourite toys are on display. Hopefully it will also make it easier to find items which will tone in.

Here is what I have come up with so far:

Decorating a Toddler Boy’s Bedroom

When I’m deciding on décor I generally have one thing in mind, and then I build upon it.

I knew I wanted something fresh, clean, simple yet colourful for Aaron’s room. When I saw this stripy Little Home bedding I knew it was perfect so I ordered it!

John Lewis bedroom

Little Home bedding from John Lewis

Of course, now I have committed to the bedding the other items I buy need to be complimentary. I loved this bean bag on Amazon so I ordered one in different colours for each of my boys. I hope it will encourage them to spend more time reading independently in their rooms. I also have my eye on this wall light from Ikea, and I love the red table, also Ikea. Although I am thinking I may paint a little bedside table we already have!

Toddler bedroom ideas

IKEA Red Side Table
In / Out Slob Bean Bag Chair Colour: Green

I also think it is important to have a reasonably good pair of curtains in the bedroom, to block out sunlight and hopefully ensure everyone gets a good nights sleep. Lewis has blackout curtains from Dunelm, and I will probably buy similar for Aaron. Extra bedding is also a must with toddlers. I found these stars sheets in Next which I thought would look great under the stripy duvet cover. And toy storage is something I need to consider. Although I would like my children to be tidy, the reality is they are not! Having one big container to put everything in at the end of the day works quite well for us. Although some shelving for books and display purposes helps add interest.

toddler bedroom ideas 2

Miadomodo® HRGL04 3 Pcs Wall Shelf Set, Two-coloured (white/green) DIFFERENT COLOURS
Dunelm Waters and Noble Blue Curtains
Next: Stars Fitted Sheets

I’m so excited for Aaron  to get his own room! I just hope he will stay in the single bed I have ordered, although I suspect it might be a bit of a battle! If you have any advice on the matter, I’d love to hear it!


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