Boy’s Yellow Bedroom Ideas

You may be aware I have been struggling to come up with some boy’s yellow bedroom ideas. Lewis has some rather exacting criteria for his new bedroom (in a house that we don’t yet have!) I spent most of last week trawling the internet looking for inspiration.

To be honest I was very nearly at the point of giving up, but I feel guilty. It has been a hard year for Lewis. He moved house and moved country. Started and then moved playgroup. He has had to adapt to the addition of a baby brother and become accustomed to his Daddy coming home in the evenings after two years working away.

Now we are planning to uproot him again by buying, what will hopefully be, our forever home. I don’t really think it’s too much for him to have requested a yellow bedroom with a diggers and farm theme. It could have been worse. He could have asked for flying giraffes or a giant sand pit for a bed!

Back to my searching.. I came across one website selling metal pictures of vintage farm scenes. Original Metal Signs have some lovely vintage style pictures, at quite reasonable prices. These started a little spark of an idea. What about a vintage style bedroom. It may seem a little old for Lewis (nearly 4), however he is accustomed to ‘real’ farm machinery. His favourite magazine is farming weekly – I kid you not! Additionally this would last him much longer than some of his current favourites like Joey JCB.

Obviously I am going to have to stick with the yellow walls. However, I agree with the many people who advised me to tone this down as much as possible. It certainly won’t be ‘brighter than the sun’, as per the initial request!

I picked a nice patchwork quilt to fit in with the theme. Pottery Barn Kids have some lovely ones which would go well with some plain curtains such as the ones pictured from Argos.

The only real downfall with my plan is the furniture Lewis has bedroom furniture already, and although it may not be new I don’t think it could be classed as vintage! Maybe if I add a few character pieces such as the lovely wooden wagon from Not on the High Street I could get away with it.

farm bedroom ideas

Farm Themed Bedroom

Well.. that was what I was thinking. My only hesitations were, the cost – some of the items I mention are pretty pricey. The fact that his furniture wouldn’t match, and a nagging doubt that this theme is actually too old for a four year old.

I decided to ponder it for a little while longer, and headed off to my Mum’s for a cup of tea – usually this is a fail safe method for problem solving – and it worked again! Casually lying on her coffee table was a catalogue for the new Asda at Home range, and flicking through what should jump off the pages at me but an image of a boys digger themed bedroom! It also said to check online for the full range, so as soon as I got home that’s what I did.. and look what I found…

boys yellow digger bedroom

Asda have a new range of digger themed items for a boys bedroom, (if you want to see click here). Plus the walls in their staged room are painted yellow! (Actually I think I could pick a nicer shade but it shows the general idea). How did this not come up in the days and days I spent googling ‘yellow digger bedroom ideas’?

I can definitely see benefits to this range over my first idea!

Now the big questions! Do I go and buy it in case they run out of stock? Or do I wait until I actually get my new house signed for? Or do I wait in case I find something even better? Maybe I should go to my Mum’s for a cup of tea while I deliberate!

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  • Sara says:

    Where’d you get the bedding? I want to buy it for my son’s room! Love it

  • Oh wow! Potato would love that bedding. He’s a bit digger-mad at the moment. It’s hard to know if he loves trains or diggers the most! I’ve already started thinking about how i’m going to decorate his room when he goes into his big boy bed 🙁

  • littlemissalba says:

    Wow that bedding totally rocks – If I were a boy this is exactly what I would like to be sleeping in. Great choice xAx

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) says:

    Love it! The trucks theme is awesome! You got to follow your sons fave color and still make it so cozy! #binkylinky

  • Victoria says:

    i really like this bedding, yellow is quite a vivid colour for a bedroom, but i would agree with those who recommended to tone it down

  • Jessica Thornton says:

    I say go for it! If you change your mind alter or don’t need it you can take it back or sell it. It looks perfect for your theme and Asda are always great quality and price 🙂 #binkylinky

  • The room looks great. I have girls so everything is just pink! Thanks for linking up! #binkylinky

  • Becky says:

    BUY IT!!!!

    My son would love that digger duvet! We’re living on a building site at he moment as the estate we live on is still being built so I have a very happy boy every time we leave the flat!

  • Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    That’s perfect for what your little boy has asked for! What is it with little boys and diggers?

    I’ve been tweaking my little mans room this week and as he’s too young to ask for what he wants I get to pick so we’ve got a blue and white stripe nautical theme going on. #binkylinky

  • wrymummy says:

    LOL his fave mag is Farming Weekly! Bless him! He’s obviously a lovely sunny little boy, wanting his room brighter than the sun. It’s so annoying when you’ve googled for days and then something comes through the door like that – but at least you’ve found what you are looking for. I say buy the bedding cos he can have that in whatever house he’s in and have his own little digger wonderland. #sharewithme

    • mydaysni says:

      Oh thanks! I think I might as soon as we officially sign for the house. I never heard of any other child who’s favourite colour was yellow. Honestly!

      • Amina says:

        Hi I am doing my sons bedroom as a digger theme and was wondering if you could advise what colour yellow has been used on the wall as I have been looking for that shade everywhere thanks

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