Spring Style Wish List

Last week I shared with you some of my recent shopping buys and today I thought I would show you some of the outstanding items on my Spring Style wish list. Much as I love my wee country, it sure can be hard to know what to expect from the weather at this time of year. I’m still reeling from the fact we had snow just last week!

That being said, by this time of year I am well and truly fed up of winter and ready to start adding some colour into my wardrobe. Glimpses of sunshine warming me through the window have me dreaming about floaty dresses and cocktails. But, even as I sit here typing the hailstones are battering off the windows, and that type of unpredictable weather event means my Spring wardrobe has to be ready for anything!

Spring fashion

Spring Style Wish List:

Lime Button Cut Out Sleeveless Top       Simone Cat Eye Sunglasses

Merino 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan                     Sole Diva Chelsea Boots

Belted Chino’s                                             Beige Striped Structured Tote

Of course, the weather is not the only consideration when it comes to my wardrobe choices. As a mum to two young boys I have to be ready for anything, anytime, anywhere. So I generally pick practical items.

For me that often means layers.  Pairing a summer top with a cardigan makes it easy to enjoy the sun and then cover up again when the clouds roll in. Sunglasses are a must, especially when I’m driving,  and I also tend to be a trouser kind of girl.

For my accessories I do like a good pair of shoes. At this time of year ankle boots are a great choice  as they are not too heavy in the sun, but those pesky rain showers will be no trouble either. And a decent handbag can transform your whole look, so choose wisely, is my advice.

So there you have my spring style wish list. It may not be high fashion, but I know these are the kind of clothes that suit me and the weather.

What are your spring style must haves?


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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