Lemon Body Scrub

If you’ve got some leftover lemons from pancake day, and you’ve started thinking about Mother’s Day gifts, this could be a quick solution to use up your lemons and make a lovely homemade lemon body scrub gift.

Lemons are a great antioxidant for the skin, sugar is a great exfoliator and olive oil is a natural moisturiser. Put the three together, and you’ve got a great fresh scented body scrub.

It’s simple to make. Just mix the ingredients at ratio of:

1 lemon

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup of olive oil

Then all you have to do is find something airtight to present it in. I used an old baby food jar and stuck some coloured paper to the top, or you could paint the lid. Make a little label and tie it on with some ribbon to make your gift more attractive.

homemade lemon body scrub

This makes a lovely gift, and is a great idea for children to get involved in as they can do the mixing and help with the decorating.

Just one quick word of warning – if you suffer from broken skin this may not be ideal due to the acidity of the lemon.



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