Herb Garden in a Flower Pot

I would love to grow as much of my own fruit and vegetables as possible. I really would! I will…someday! However, I’m not very green fingered so I thought I would start with a little herb garden in a flower pot. This is one of the simplest ways of having some fresh produce ready when you need it.

Of course you will never make a whole meal from a herb garden in a flower pot, but you can add a little flavour and colour, without having lots of leftovers – from that bunch of parsley you bought – and all because you wanted a garnish!

I already had three flower pots designated for my mini garden, so off to the garden centre we went. Of course there are an abundance of herbs available, but I wanted to choose plants that I was most likely to use.

I choose, rocket, chives, parsley, sage and coriander. That still left me two pots so I bought some seeds for cut and come again lettuce, and spring onions. The plan is to sow these at regular intervals (roughly every 3 weeks according to the packet) so that I have a constant supply throughout the summer.

Lewis was keen to help, as always. He helped to fill up the pots with compost and then dig little holes to put the herbs in. He also helped to add seeds for the lettuce and scallions (as spring onions are known in Northern Ireland). We kept the little labels in the pot beside the herbs – just in case I should happen to forget which is which!

herb garden in a flower pot

After everything was planted we gave them all a good water.  The whole process only took about 10 minutes much to Lewis’ disappointment.

herb garden in a flower pot

I really hope my little seeds grow, and my herbs flourish, so that next year I can attempt a herb garden on a bigger scale. Maybe upgrade it to a vegetable garden!

herb garden


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  • Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    Great idea, I love growing your own although I’m a bit clueless what I’m doing. We’ve planted rhubarb, strawberries, peas and tomatoes this year. We’ve already had some rhubarb, which I made into a crumble. Yummy! x #binkylinky

  • Great idea! I know nothing about gardening, but decided I wanted to give it a go and we know have rocket, spring onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, peas and sunflowers starting to sprout! It’s great fun! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  • I’m like you, I’d love to grow more things. Veg and flowers, but I really haven’t got a clue. The herb pot looks like a great way to get started though.

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