ZaZa the Superhero

With just a few hours to go before the deadline, I decided to enter the Tots100/Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge. The idea is to get your pre-schooler to design a healthy superhero. Both health and superhero’s have been prominent areas of discussion these last few days. Friday was Lewis’ pre-school sports day, where the emphasis was on healthy lifestyle choices. Sunday was Father’s Day and Mr C was presented with his very own set of SuperDad pyjamas. Lewis and Aaron thought these were great and wanted to grow up to be SuperDad’s themselves some day!

superdad t shirt

I apologise for the quality, these photo’s are a little fuzzy, but Superhero’s are just so fast! The real SuperDad was so fast I didn’t manage any decent photo’s of him at all!

So when I asked Lewis if he wanted to make a healthy Superhero he was very keen on the idea. We discussed what healthy meant, and Lewis said it was eating fruit and running, and it makes you big and strong. I translated this to mean healthy on the inside and the outside!

Being such a lovely day I really wanted to spend some time outside, so we went into the garden to look for Superhero inspiration. Lewis agreed it would be a good idea to turn one of our raspberry bushes into a superhero.

raspberry superhero

After a bit of trial and effort, trying different items we finally had a Superhero to be proud of! Lewis named him ZaZa and a very healthy superhero he is! Just look at his stats!


Of course it is very important to be healthy, but to be a superhero you need to have special powers! I asked Lewis and Aaron what superpowers they thought ZaZa had and you can watch a little video of that here.  To summarize, they are:

– a very snazzy dancer

– he jumps out unexpectedly

– he can run very fast

– he is very good at hiding

– he can be really noisy

For two little pre-schoolers I think my boys did a great job on this challenge. They will always be my little superheros!










7 thoughts on “ZaZa the Superhero

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  2. ~Merlinda~ (@pixiedusk)

    A very creative entry! Goodluck with the comp! I havent seen the competition but I know that your entry is awesome =) #sharewithme

  3. Jenny

    I love kids imagination. This is brilliant and so fun. Love the photos just adds to the whole story. So very cute. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me Your kiddies are adorable! #sharewithme


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