Winter Survival Guide

As happens every year, it is again forecast that we in the UK and Ireland are to experience one of the worst winters known to our generation! I’m not overly concerned, but I have decided to draw up a little Winter Survival Guide. A to-do list of sorts detailing all the things I can prepare to make sure my little family can cope with whatever nature throws at us.

Years ago I may have embraced the romantic notion of eating cold baked beans by candle light with Mr C, but I’m pretty sure my kids would throw a riot if I subjected them to that! Plus, this will be our first winter in our new home, and it is quite rural. If it snows, I’m confident we will be stranded. If the event of a large scale electrical disruption, I’m pretty sure we won’t be top of the priority list for the Electric Board.

Batten down the hatches, grab a cup of tea and have a read of my Winter Survival Guide, and hope that none of it will actually be necessary!

Winter Survival Guide

  • Keep a torch beside your bed, and if you have kids get them a torch each too. Kids and candles are not a good idea!
  • Keep spare batteries for your torch and any other items you may have, such as a radio.
  • Stock up on candles and matches (and keep them out of children’s reach).
  • Keep extra blankets, boots, bottled water and snacks in your car.
  • Keep a stock of tinned and dried food that your family like/could live on. For me that includes: long life milk, water, tinned fruit, soups, cereals, ingredients for baking (if you like that sort of thing) and crackers.
  • Keep a stock of non-food items e.g. toilet paper, pet foods, medicines, nappies (and other baby essentials if required), and toiletries which you generally use.
  • Have a hot water bottle each, and know where they are. You can always heat water if you have a gas hob, even if you have no electricity.
  • Have a few family games put to one side to be brought out in the event of everyone being stuck in the house with – shock horror – potentially no t.v. or technology!
  • Keep a written list of important phone numbers on you, so that you have them if your phone battery dies. Then if you get stuck whilst out, or have to be dug out by a neighbour, you will be able to phone for help, or check on you family and friends. Or, buy one of those little portable chargers that run off battery power.
  • Have a snow shovel ready to dig a path to the garden where you might as well enjoy the snow by building snowmen and igloos!

Tips for Winter Survival

So there you have it! My Winter Survival Guide should the long range weather forecasters be right, and I end up stuck in the house, the car, or without utilities for a few days! Of course there are many other things you can do to keep your home and your family safe and comfortable, but this list is for a ‘big’ winter event. I hope you all stay safe and warm till Spring returns, and remember to think about your neighbours, especially those who are isolated and on their own, no matter what the weather.

What other advice would you include in your Winter Survival Guide?





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