Wild and Free

T Shirt Wild and Free

What qualities does a parent look for in a child? That there are kind and caring. Independent and eager to learn. Happy, definitely something we wish for our children! Wild and free – well maybe, or maybe not! Yet never before have I came across a t-shirt which so adequately sums up the personality of my little Aaron.

If you call a child wild and free it conjures up images of them playing in the fields. Making friends with the wildlife and generally only gracing the family home if they are in need of food or shelter – and not even necessarily then!  Given a chance, this would be my child. As he’s a little on the young side, I have yet to give him this chance.

Yet I’m fairly confident that if I left the front door open he would be gone in a flash. I don’t think he would look back. He doesn’t look back normally. If we are at the park or the beach. He walks determinedly forward. Exploring the world. No fear. No concern that he is alone in the world!

Part of me feels ever so proud to have grown a child with such confidence and freedom of spirit. I like to think he gets it from me. I have been told that I was an independent little madam as a child! (I take it as a compliment.)

But as children do, I grew up. And as parents do, boundaries and rules were set that I was expected to live by! I didn’t like it. Most teenager’s don’t! I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to experience everything life had to offer. And I wanted to do it all on my terms! And for a while, I did.

Of course, when I grew up a bit more, I wanted to return home. To the place I grew up. A familiar place. A safe place. Dare I say, somewhere to put some roots! I just hope when my wee boys grow up, they feel the same! I’m all for wild and free. Explore the world until your heart is content. You are so strong willed, I know you shall! But please have roots close enough that I can call you round for dinner! The world may seem an such an exciting place, I know you do not want to miss a thing. I understand. Because you are the world to me!

Aaron wild and free


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