Tips for Safe Car Journeys

I remember the first car journey with my first baby. Mr C drove, and I sat in the back, unprepared to take my eyes off my newborn for even a few minutes. The journey home was a slow one. We probably didn’t make it much over 20mph. That is how determined we were to protect this new life that we had created. I’m sure we probably Googled, tips for safe car journeys with a baby, in advance!

Of course as time went on we became less nervous. I returned to sitting in the front, and speed limits once again became something to be adhered to as opposed to something only to be reached by complete idiots!

In fact, truth be told, my driving is possibly worse than it was before having children. If I am travelling some distance like on my recent day out to Bangor, I do get a little nervous about the journey, due to previous experiences. There are times I have had to pull over to the side of the road to deal with whatever incident is occurring in the back seat. But the moments before that! The moments when I was stuck in a traffic jam while my child screamed blue murder! The moments I was driving down a motorway and my child was throwing up in the back! The moments the children were fighting over some toy or other! In those moments, I could not honestly say the road had my full attention!

UK Claim Lawyers have dealt with all kinds of accidents. I was happy to work in partnership with them to show you this infographic as a way of reminding people of measures they can take to help limit the risk of incidents on the road.



I have to say, it is pretty good advice, whether you have children or not!

For those of you who do have children, I would also add:

  • make sure your children are dressed in loose comfortable clothing.
  • make sure your children are not hungry or thirsty.
  • Let them watch a dvd or play on your tablet/phone.

And as the saying goes – better late than never!

Have you any tips for safe car journeys? I would love to hear them!

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