The Best Toy for a Wee Boy

I was standing watching Lewis playing in the rain the other day and wondering what I would get him for his Birthday in May that would come anywhere close to giving him the enjoyment as he has gotten from one particular toy. So much so, that I thought I would share it with you.

There is so much choice when it comes to toys for your children, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. There is so much to consider! How much does it cost? How often will they play with it? How long will it last? Where will I store it? It’s hard to make sure you’re not buying on impulse, either yours or theirs!

When Lewis was a toddler he loved Little Tikes Coupe cars. They had one at a softplay he visited regularly, and he always made a bee-line straight for it. I considered buying him one, but I was reluctant. They are quite expensive and I was worried that the novelty would wear off.

However, the matter was taken out of my hands when he received one as a gift, from a family member. He adores his car! He got it for his second birthday, and now, nearly four years old, he still plays with it all the time!

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Even on a wet day he can play in his car for hours, as the little roof helps to keep him dry. He loves that it has a little boot compartment so he can travel around with his smaller toys in it.

The only thing I would say is you need to have a flat surface to really get good use from it. It doesn’t go very well on grass, and not at all on gravel. However, if you have some slabs, or a flat path, I think this is the best toy for a wee boy!

We always stored the car in the garden shed, so apart from a little wear to the wheels, it still looks as good as new. However, if you didn’t have anywhere to store it and just left it outside I don’t imagine it would be a problem as it’s plastic.

Lewis is starting to become more interested in his bicycle, and possibly this will be the last summer he spends so much time in his car. I couldn’t count the hours he has spent in it though! Two years of playing without getting bored. Pretty good investment in my opinion!

Please note, this is not a sponsored post. I just think it’s the best toy for a wee boy!

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  • Jay (@puzzlepiecelife) says:

    I never had one of these as a kid but swear everyone else did, I want to relive my youth and get one now! haha x

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