Taking the Inside Out

If you read my post 10 benefits of having two children you will know that one of them is the ability to recycle and reuse items such as toys. I have kept nearly everything Lewis had and now Aaron has come along to put these goods to use. Though I have a slight problem. We are  temporarily renting after our relocation, and about 50% of our belongings remain in boxes, stored in every conceivable place we can fit them.

When Lewis was about 6 months old we bought him a Jumperoo. I think this is a great alternative to those baby bouncers that you hang off the door frame. There is something about them that just doesn’t seem right, though I’m sure they’re probably perfectly safe. We even have one, and Aaron has road tested it and gave it a big thumbs up!


I don’t really use it much, firstly because, in my experience it takes two people to get it all set up with a baby in it. Secondly, I dread to think what would happen if Lewis found his brother hanging from the door frame. I think he be battered off the door frame every 5 seconds!

Now that the weather has become milder I decided to hunt out the Jumperoo and set it up in the garden, because I just don’t have room to put it in the house. If I don’t get some use out of it soon, Aaron will be too big! So one fine day that’s what I did.


And he loved it. He was out there for about an hour. (Anything that keeps a baby amused for an hour it’s worth it’s weight in gold in my opinion!) He was bouncing away like rubber ball, and when he tired of that he was content to watch Lewis zooming past on his bike.

Lewis plays in the garden a lot, and usually Aaron remains inside in his playpen or highchair as I hadn’t given much consideration to outdoor play for babies. (Well it was winter!)

Not any more. We will definitely be doing this again. It doesn’t even have to be the jumperoo, I could set up his playpen (which is a travel cot) and he could roll about in there with his toys.  After all, even babies need outdoor fun!

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