Summer So Far… 2016

Lewis Plane

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. That’s how the saying goes isn’t it? Of course, I totally disagree. As I sit here typing this with the rain bouncing off the windows, I just cannot reconcil it with the thought that this could be summer. I’m sure when I was a child, summers were sunny!

Perhaps it is the fact that I have three camping trips planned for this summer which is making me jittery. I have not been camping since I was in the Scouts, and I’m not entirely sure I enjoyed it even then. (A rather long time ago.) ¬†However, I am mostly going to have electric at my camp sites, a small little fact, which did no end of brightening the prospects of living under canvas. I mean, without electricity how would I charge my phone?

I also think that it will be good for my children to do without some of the home comforts they have become accustomed to. I recently bought them a tin of spaghetti hoops with mini sausages. I was feeling nostalgic. In my day that was a real treat. Needless to say my children didn’t like them, but Mr C’s eyes lit up when I offered him some! I told this story to my Mother in Law, and she replied that in her day Spam was a treat. Oh how easy it is for us to forget to appreciate how lucky we are! I would not be impressed if she served me up Spam for my dinner.

On that note I need to appreciate this summer, when my children are young, and I get to spend it with them. It is hard to believe that we are already two weeks into the summer holidays here in Northern Ireland. I have already had a holiday to visit family in England, which was sunny, and you can read about our visit to Thomas Land if you missed it. Otherwise, here are some snaps of my summer so far!


Impromptu dinner at Carrickfergus

Impromptu dinner at Carrickfergus


View from Stena Lagan, showing Harland and Wolf cranes

View from Stena Lagan, showing Harland and Wolf cranes

L Aaron plane


Lewis climbing L Aaron climbing



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