How I Spent my Summer

The last few months have passed in a flash – I honestly cannot believe the summer is over! I have been a little absent from the blogosphere so I thought I would share with you a little round up of how I spent my summer.

Well, it all started with a house move. I thought moving a few miles down the road would be much less stressful than my last move across the Irish Sea. I was wrong. Manic as it was to load all my personal possessions into a lorry, move from Scotland to Northern Ireland, and unload them all in 36 hours; in hindsight that was a breeze! Thinking we were clever, this time we decided to move over the course of a few weeks since we were just travelling a little distance. Bad decision! This only resulted in the ‘moving process’ taking several weeks and the feeling that it would drag on forever. My advice – do it in one if at all possible. Treat it like a plaster – short sharp pain and get it over with! (If you are wondering how the new home renovations are going – don’t!)

We did have a lovely holiday in Jersey to look forward to though. At the end of July we repacked about half of our personal possessions to ensure we had all the necessary items required for a holiday abroad with small children. Apart from a case of tonsillitis and a mini heat wave, we had a great time – and I didn’t do any housework for a week! Bliss!

Jersey 2014


In between all this I was preparing for an important day which was fast approaching.  A day that signifies the end of a chapter for Lewis. Yes.. he started school! Bless his little cotton socks, he is so inquisitive, I hope he learns skills that last him a lifetime and makes friends that do the same!


I also had the pleasure of catching up with some friends I haven’t seen for years – friends from School and University. Friendships that I hope will last a lifetime, even if we do only see each other every few years! (At this point I was tempted to dig out some old photos of them, but that may have been counter-productive!)

And that is the story of how I spent my summer. How have you spent your summer?





  • Jenny says:

    WOW your summer sounds absolutely jam packed and fun! I bet you made a lot of memories in the process and that’s what life is all about. Hope things start settling down for you in your new house! Love the photos. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round! #sharewithme

  • lifeatthelittlewood says:

    Aww, it sounds like you had a lovely (if busy!) Summer Mel! Lewis is very cute in his little uniform. I hope you faired better than me on the first day!! Loved reading this wee catch-up. Welcome back lovely! Xx

  • vixen42 says:

    A hectic Summer indeed!! Lots of changes at ur end. I love ur family pics.
    Mines has been a mixture of happiness and sadness. The happiness part was spending time with the family (we had a brill holiday in Bulgaria) & we also adopted 2 kittens – Seline & Nyssa (heroines frm vampire films!!).
    The sadness part was saying goodbye 2 a friend who passed away suddenly. Life is precious as they say. Vxxx

    • mydaysni says:

      Sorry to hear about your friend… life is indeed precious, and sadly sometimes too short. You were looking good in your holiday snaps, glad you enjoyed it, it must have been nice going with family. I only just realised you have a blog page – you should write there sometimes – I know you’ve got some stories to tell! Xxx

  • Wow, your summer sounds as though it was hectic but fun! Good luck to Lewis as he starts school and I hope you settle down in the new house soon x

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