Preparing to be Spontaneous – Packing a Bag for Summer!

Packing for the Summer 2

Now the Summer is officially here I’m excited to see what adventures await us this year! Just jump in the car and go! Travel whichever way the wind blows! Do you do that? No? Me neither! I used to – before I had kids. Now with a nearly 2, and a 5 year old I need to be organised! That generally means I need about 48 hours notice and a small trailer for the car to manage all the “stuff” I carry around! I think I can go overboard sometimes! This year is going to be different! This year I am preparing to be spontaneous and packing a bag for summer!

As a woman, I always have my handbag. As a mum to a toddler, I always have a changing bag. This Summer Bag I’m packing, is going to be different. This bag will allow me to go anywhere and do anything.  As I live rurally I don’t go anywhere without my car. I am going to pack this bag and leave it in the car boot. It’s just going to be a small bag holding the essential items that will allow us to be spontaneous! So that if some day I’m driving to the shops, and the children are rhyming in the back seat that they want to go to the seaside, or the park, or anywhere other than shopping! I can do it! I can just turn the steering wheel the other way and go!

Packing a Bag for Summer!

Here are my essential items:

Packing for the Summer 1

  1. Bottled water – it is so important to keep the kids and yourself hydrated. Water is a must.
  2. Snacks eg. cereal bars, dried fruit or crisps – my kids are always hungry. Keeping some filling snacks to hand will mean I can keep their cravings satisfied between meals times.
  3. Disposable plates – eating out is expensive, but come lunchtime the kids will want more than dried raisins. By keeping disposable plates I can easily go into any grocers shop and pick up some bread and sandwich filling to make a picnic. And the cost is no more than it would have been at home!
  4. A table knife. Following on from point 3, have you ever tried making sandwiches without a knife?  It’s not easy!
  5. Sun cream. Got to keep everyone safe in the sun!
  6. Towels. These will be great to use either as a picnic blanket, or if we go to the beach.
  7. A change of clothes for the kids. I have just packed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt each. It’s a clean set of clothes which can double up as swimwear if needed.
  8. A ball. If you’re only going to have one toy, I recommend a ball. The number of games you can play is endless, and everyone can join in.
  9. A map. Much as it’s fun to drive off into the great unknown, sometimes it is nice to know where you are in relation to other places. Sat Nav is great for getting home again, but it doesn’t let you know you’ve just bypassed that town you always wanted to visit!
  10. Some cash. Nothing worse than finding a perfect spot with a lone ice cream van, that only takes cash when you haven’t got any! Or, you know,  any other emergency situations!

What do you think? Will you be packing a bag for Summer?

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