My Days at Easter

Although the school Easter holidays spanned two weeks, I hadn’t intended to take a coinciding blogging break. However, that is what happened, and it was fabulous! The first week passed in a blur as I packed our bags for a little family holiday to the North Coast of Northern Ireland. As there was snow whilst I packed, I had all our waterproofs and wellie boots at the ready! As it turned out I was wishing I packed shorts and sandals!

The boys had a fantastic holiday exploring Portstewart and the surrounding areas. Sandcastles were built and demolished!


Minature Railways were visited.


Damhead Railway

Mr C taught Aaron how to play rugby!


Playing rugby on Portstewart beach

And Lewis how to fly a kite!

Fly a kite

I personally had a proper holiday. So apart from the cooking and cleaning and general mummy duties, I sat back and let Mr C entertain the boys. And a grand job he did too! So much so, that when it came to the end of the week, and time for home, it was a very sad bunch of boys I ushered out to the cars. It also happened to be Mr C’s Birthday so I think he felt it a little unjust that he had to return to reality!

However reality is one of those things that cannot be avoided! Mr C was given instructions to call at the shop and collect some groceries, as I travelled home with he kids. When I arrived home there was a package from Mr Kipling! I’m sure you’ve heard of him – he makes cakes!

I spontaneously decided to have a mini cake party ready for Mr C’s imminent arrival! The boys faces lit up when they saw me setting cakes out on the table, and the last of their tears disappeared.

Mr C also couldn’t resist a smile as we sang Happy Birthday as he walked in the door.


So although it was a sad day, symbolising the end of the school holidays, it was definitely made Better With Cake!

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