I’ve banned my 3 year old from Power Rangers!

My oldest son, Lewis, will be four in May and in September he started pre-school. He loved it. As a sociable child he was more than keen to attend, and I was grateful to have a couple of hours to myself each day. I still am. He learns all sorts of skills that I thought him incapable of, however he also discovered something I have come to loath. Power Rangers!

Apparently during free play this is a common game with the children. I know when they’ve been playing it as he comes home imitating a marshall arts instructor and Hi-Ya-ing his way around the house.

At first I thought it was cute. Then he discovered Power Rangers is actually a program on t.v. at the weekends. He would sit glued to the screen, and then minute the credits rolled, jump up and run around the house like some kind of demented ninja! He would run straight into me, high kick the doors and furniture, and shout loudly. I have heard other parents say similar programs like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, have a similar effect on their children.

Again, I wasn’t overly concerned. My little boy was growing up, and boys like a bit of rough and tumble. After a couple of weeks the behaviour took a turn for the worse. I caught him trying to karate chop his 6 month brother Aaron. I couldn’t believe it! Usually Lewis is really good with the baby. I honestly think he was so involved in his pretend role play, that he didn’t quite realise what he was doing. At least, that’s the theory I’m sticking with it for now.

From that moment on, I decided to ban him from watching Power Rangers. He doesn’t know this, as I’m pretty sure he would have a meltdown if I told him. My plan is simply to make sure we are out of the house when it is on and hope he forgets about it. I know he will continue to play Power Rangers with his peers at pre-school, and that’s okay. I’m not trying to stop him from being a boy, but hopefully I can stop  him from trying to eliminate his younger brother!



  • Tanya says:


    When my step-son came to live with us at the age of 9 (14 yrs ago), he brought his love of watching WWE/ wrestling with him, however he used to get really out of control play acting it and scare me, and I was called up his school a few times due to ‘wrestling’ play in the playground, that went a bit too far – hubby and I tried to educate him and guide him, but in the end we had no choice to ban the TV show and Videos completely.

    • mydaysni says:

      It’s really hard to set the boundaries isn’t it. I think I would have gone down the route of trying to educate (though I do that as well) but as he’s so young I thought prevention might be better than cure. Thanks for your comment.

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