He’s Just Like his Daddy!

“Ahhh… he’s just like his Daddy!”

Do you know how many times I have heard that since Lewis’ arrival nearly four years ago? No? Me neither… but it is a lot! And since Aaron’s arrival nearly 9 months ago, that trend has been continuing with gusto! So, “what’s the problem?” I hear you ask! Well, it’s two-fold!

Firstly, perhaps it is a sign of my delayed evolution, but the cavewoman in me wants to leave a legacy. I want to look at my child and see a reflection of myself. Quite why I would wish this on anyone other than my worst enemy, I am not sure. But there it is!

Secondly, although I love my husband dearly, one of him is more than enough! Do I wish to deal with the same person at various stages in the cycle of life? No! A baby, a pre-schooler, a middle aged man, and save my sanity, when my Father-in-law visits, it like seeing my husband as a pensioner!


So is there any way to prevent this? Natures laws are strong and I am a mere single force trying my best to give nurture a fighting chance.

It’s not necessarily that they are alike in the way they look (although everyone says they are!). It’s the way that they react, the way they problem solve, how they deal with their emotions. It’s in the way they watch the flipping t.v.!

This is good news though, right? These are cognitive and behavioural traits…and I have a degree in psychology! I can train the kids to see that my way of life, my approach, is in fact the preferred route. Or at least try to find some middle ground!

Only, deep deep deep down, I know, no matter what measures I take, my boys will most likely become versions of their Father.

I know this because it happens all the time. It’s talked about and laughed about. People are teased and tormented by the fact! Of course usually it’s aimed at girls and called ‘Turning into your Mother’! But I am here to tell you, this phenomena is not gender specific. Like Ying and Yang, it too has an opposing force.

Girls turn into their Mothers and boys turn into their Fathers!

What surprises me the most is the early onset of symptoms in Lewis’ case. Girls tend to turn into their Mothers when they reach adulthood. Sometimes the symptoms are repressed until they become Mothers themselves. Not so with Lewis turning into his Father.

Here is my evidence. Please note ‘He’ and ‘Him’ is interchangeable, referring to either Lewis or his Dad!

father son dilemma

5 Signs my Son is Turning into his Father

1) He watches Top Gear, Police Interceptors and everything else shown on Dave. Whilst watching said programmes he appears to lose all ability to hear!

2) He requests to be fed at least 6 times per day. Should this feeding regime be neglected I have to prepare for him to regress into an Ape like creature who communicates through grunting, staring or eye contact aversion, and escalating physical misconduct (eg. throwing remotes/door slamming etc).

3) He believes he can overcome the law of physics using brute force. eg. “The car will fit into that space”. Cue scrapes, bumps and dents. Of course it doesn’t matter so much with Lewis’ toy cars!

4) If I request a chore be done, I receive a three phase response:

1st request – immediately he turns his head away – if he can’t see me, he can’t hear me!

2nd request – he offers a verbal response affirming the chore will be completed.

3rd request – an excuse as to why it hasn’t been done, and a declaration that it will be completed at some stage in the future.

I don’t know how many phases there are, as I always give up and do it myself after phase three!

5) He refuses to admit when he is tired. Dark circles under the eyes, falling asleep in front of the t.v. and general exhaustion will not persuade him to go for a nap. This particularly annoys me because I would love to nap, however I am never provided with the opportunity.

So there it is. My theory and my evidence. Like Father like Son. All contrasting reports are welcomed!


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  • Our twins are so different and yet everyone says how much like their daddy they are. It bugs me immensely! Not just the way they look, but people saying how their personalities are just their dads too. Granted it is my husbands family who say it all the time, but it can be hurtful when they never say they have any of my traits Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  • Jaime Oliver says:

    lol lol i love it! i can so see this being out house too!

    thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo x

  • mydaysni says:

    I’m feeling reassured by some of these comments! Maybe it’s not too late for my wee baby to be a mini me! Ha ha. Thanks for commenting x

  • Genna Millar says:

    6) My 3 year old has developed a deep fascination with his willy. Maybe that’s just a male thing though…
    My boys do most of these things. Men are strange!

  • Vicky McMillan says:

    Hahahaha! Yep and it just gets better and better through time!! Although, Derek wd argue that Jamie is very like me as he rhymes off all my sayings and also has my ‘rolling of eyes’ down to a tee!! Vx

    • mel c says:

      He has your sayings?? Oh dear, I’m sure you always get your sayings muddled, but you were always amusing so he will have that on his side lol x

  • rh1annonb says:

    I have 11 month old boy/girl twins. My son is just like his father in looks, demeanour and appetitie ;). My daughter is my mini me complete with the temper. Whilst they are both mostly like one parent, we can also see glimpses of the other parent in them. It’s interesting to see them progress and if they continue to inherit our traits. I’m hoping a bit of my husband’s laid back attitude rubs off on both of them x

  • Hee hee! I sooo get this, my eldest son in particular has his fathers little traits – the good ones and the bad ones!!! The TV thing – so true over hear, once it goes on, they totally zone out!

  • Bek says:

    This made me giggle! I think it is true to some extent but I really hope that my son and daughter only copy the best bits. #BinkyLinky

  • Genna Millar says:

    Ha ha! My son and his dad both have a tunnel-vision thing going on. They can only do one thing at a time – drives me crazy!

  • Jay says:

    awh, i used to be like my dad when I was little, so my mum says. Young-age might just mean grumpy male traits as i’m nothing like him now?!
    You’ve still got time to adapt their ways 😉 x

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) says:

    I have just posted on the blog how physically different my son is from my husband.. but the characters? They are awfully the same. My son is a small version of his Dad =P #pocolo

  • Becky says:

    YES YES YES! My son is the spitting image of daddy. Even yesterday I asked him to come in and shut the door and he gave me such a look of disdain I can only say comes from daddy! Daddy jokes that he had my big toe and my bullet head…. Not funny!

  • So funny!!! I laughed at the title of this before I had even read the post!! My son is the spitting image of my husband and I can already see that he is just gonna be a little mini version of him!! I think we just have to suck it up and hope for the best…..i mean at least we know our husbands married awesome women right 🙂

  • Ha this made me laugh. My son is always compared to his Daddy and it gets at me a little if I am honest so I am training him now to do all the things his dad can’t. No doubt when he becomes a teenager this will all be forgotten. X

  • No matter if your son picks up traits he’ll make his own life journey

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