Favourite Christmas Memory

Christmas is a time of year for reflecting. Thinking back on the previous year and all those that went before. However when I try to think of my absolute favourite Christmas memory I find it difficult to choose. There are certainly memories which are more easily recalled than others:

Running into my parents bedroom and demanding they open the living room door (it had a lock, which I now think was rather ingenious!)

Finding out that Santa had left gifts for me at my Granny’s as well – totally unexpected!

Working a 12 hour shift on Christmas day, trying to make the day a little more special for those people who required 24 hour care.

Driving to the airport on Christmas Eve to catch the last flight home from Scotland to Northern Ireland, when it started to snow, and then my car broke down on the motorway – I can laugh about it now, but it definitely wasn’t funny at the time – thank goodness I had a recovery service, and I just made it before check-in closed!

My first Christmas as Mrs C.

My first Christmas as a Mum, and then, as a Mum to two.

But what truly makes Christmas special for me is the traditions. Those which I have grown up with and continue to follow. And new ones which we are making every year as a new little family unit.

Things like:

Drinking Shloer as a child, wondering if it was real wine. Then, drinking Shloer as a pregnant/driving adult and pretending it was real wine!

Christmas drink

Mince pies and turkey dinners.

Lighting the fire and posting letters to Santa up the chimney. If they catch the draft just right they shoot straight up. If they fall in the flames it doesn’t matter. Santa can read the ashes you know!

Decorating the Christmas tree. Some have been huge, some have been small. Some have been real, some have been fake. It doesn’t really matter. To me, decorating the Christmas tree is the real start of the festive season. We have added a new Snowman tree this year – I wonder if he will become a tradition.

Reading Christmas Stories. I have one book in particular, which I have had since I was a young girl. I hope my boys grow up to love it as much as I do, I am certainly encouraging them too!

Favouite Christmas Stories

Adding to my collection of Christmas soft toys, which started long before I had children, and I am grateful that I now have an excuse to continue!

Christmas soft toys

Spending time and catching up with family and friends. Mr C takes two weeks off work – the only other time I have managed to spend that much time with him was on our Honeymoon. Plus, I visit, and get visited, by people whom I have perhaps not seen all year. I send cards to people I have perhaps not seen for years, people who were once a big part of my life but we have gone in different directions.

Getting into bed on Christmas Eve, with new pyjamas on, wondering if I will ever get to sleep!

Opening the presents, and in recent years, watching my boys open theirs. The look of wonder and excitement in their eyes really is something to cherish. This year Aaron will be more aware and Lewis will be positively beside himself with the magic of it all!

Sitting down on Christmas night with a full belly and a full heart. Drinking hot chocolate, saddened that the festive Season is nearly over. Excited about the start of a New Year and all the adventures that it will bring.

Chocolate Drink

This Christmas will be a little different than the rest though. After Lewis was born we decided to move closer to family – and we did. We changed country three times in four years, and each Christmas we were either trying to sell our house, or living in rented accommodation. Never settled, never sure where our next Christmas would be! But this year we have made it home. Home to the house we plan to stay in forever. Home to the place where my little family is together, and complete. So… in years to come, when I look back, I think this might just turn out to be, my favourite Christmas memory of them all.

Christmas time

The first Star, on our first tree of our first family home!

What makes Christmas special for you? Do you have a favourite memory?

Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Little Tikes 12 Days of Christmas competition.




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