Top 5 Mother’s Day Outing with the Kids

There is a pretty good chance that many Mothers, like myself, would like nothing better than to go away by themselves for the day as a treat on Mothering Sunday. Imagine a days shopping, spa treatment, dinner and a show in the evening. Doesn’t that sound wonderful! Wonderful but unlikely, especially if you have small children! Though if you have small children a day in bed might hold more appeal than any outing!

The truth is, for many families, neither of these options are viable or practical. The most likely scenario is a day outing with the kids for all the family to enjoy. Anyone with kids will know that the key to a successful day out is keeping the children entertained. For that reason a family day shopping is unlikely to be top of Mum’s list! Therefore I have constructed a list of the top 5 places in Northern Ireland I think would be a good day out for all the family on Mother’s Day. If you don’t live in Northern Ireland I’m sure you can find similar activities in your area!

No 1. Clementsmount Fun Farm I haven’t actually been here myself, so I’m a little nervous about putting this on my list! I do want to go though, and if it’s as good as it sounds it should have plenty to keep everyone entertained. Lots of animals, an indoor softplay, and a café with homemade treats. Sounds good to me! The kids would be happy, and I could enjoy a cuppa and a cake. Guilt free of course, it is a Mother’s Day treat after all!

No 2. Ulster Folk and Transport Museum If the weather is kind, this is a great place to take the kids and give Mum a bit of a break. There is loads to see and it’s all enclosed, so you can safely let the kids run about, within reason. Walking around this museum definitely shows how far we have come as a society, and how much easier life is given the technological advances we have today, (Washing machines for example – I would not like to be hand washing my families clothes!) It is quite a walk around so if you are deliberating over whether or not to take a buggy, take one! Just a note for Dads and older children, this is not the day to point out to Mother’s how lucky they are and how easy their job is compared to their ancestors!

No 3. Afternoon Tea by the Grand Staircase – Titanic Quarter There are lots of things to do in and around the Titanic Quarter so why not pick an activity, such as W5 for the family and incorporate a lovely Afternoon Tea for Mum. It could turn into an expensive day out, but if money is no issue, this could be a good option to show Mum some appreciation! Get a picture of the family taken on the replica Grand Staircase and it would be a great portrait to display in the home as a reminder of a lovely day out. A note for Dads, diamonds would go well with this option! (Well you never know my husband might read this post!)

No 4. Galgorm Manor Lunch and sneak in a spa treatment for Mum While Mum’s may not be able to convince their family’s that they should get the day to themselves, perhaps they could manage a sneaky trip to a spa, in the middle of a family outing. Pick one of Northern Irelands beautiful hotels such as Galgorm Manor, treat the family to lunch, and then, while Dad takes in the gardens with the kids, Mum can disappear for a facial, manicure or whatever takes her fancy. Make sure to book though, as I imagine this is one of the busiest days in a hotel’s calendar.

No 5. Portstewart Strand Some of the above options are a little pricey so here is an idea for a cheaper day out. I love Portstewart Strand. The fact that you can drive the car onto the beach makes it so much easier to take children. I know, in March, it will probably be freezing, so go prepared! Don’t take swimsuits and sunglasses, take wellie boots and coats. You can still have lots of fun playing in the sand dunes, building sand castles or playing games on the beach. Take along a picnic to eat in the car, or visit one of the cafes or hotels in the town. Just make sure you have the hot water on for when you come home!

I hope I have given you some inspiration for places to go on a Mother’s Day outing with the kids. Of course, there is another option which hasn’t made my list. Stay at home, keep your pyjamas on, and play a game where you are Queen of the Castle and your family members are your servant’s, catering to your every whim and demand! Whatever you do, take a moment to step back and appreciate your Mum, your partner and your children. Even on the hardest days, when you’re drowning in a sea of laundry and deafened by your children’s cries, remember the good times past and look forward to all those yet to come.

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