The Wild Duck Portglenone

Being truly in the midst of winter, my family and I decided to treat ourselves to a meal out. Word of mouth reviews on The Wild Duck Portglenone are good so we thought we would give it a try. My first tip is, if you are not familiar with where Portglenone is, make sure you put the full address into your SatNav, otherwise, like us, you could end up wondering if you’re going to need euro’s by the time you get to your destination! (Northern Ireland uses GBP)

We did arrive, only five minutes late for our booking, and we were glad we had reserved as several of the people in front of us who hadn’t were told they would have to wait for a table. First impressions were good. Although the car park was a little potholed I have seen much worse, and on entering the building the immediate gush of warm air was a welcome blanket after the blustery winter air.


The interior is traditional, lots of stone, wooden beams and old pictures adorning the walls. There are a mix of standing table and booths, all of which provide an acceptable level of privacy and elbow room.

The meal itself was lovely. We had four adults and one child eating and every plate was cleared. Prices were fair, with most main course meals costing £10-£15 per person.

The venue has many accolades on the wall promoting itself as a family friendly restaurant, and indeed there were lots of families dining. If there was a play area, I was not made aware of it, and my three year old wasn’t offered any of the common colouring packs to help keep him quiet. However, these things weren’t really necessary as the service was fast, so he didn’t get bored (as he frequently does).

If I was being really picky I could point out the Christmas posters still in the bathroom at the start of February, or the cheap looking plastic flower arrangements which were placed in a few locations. Did these things impact on my experience? No, I can’t say they did, and they certainly wouldn’t merit a decision not to return.

Would I go back? Yes I would, and I would recommend others to try it. Just make sure you know where you’re going, or have a good Satnav, or perhaps let the man drive (shhhhh…. don’t tell my husband I said that).

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