The Deerstalker at Kelly’s Complex Portrush

If you are from Northern Ireland it is highly unlikely that you have not heard of Kelly’s at Portrush. However there is a chance you may not know about their newest Bar and Bistro, The DeerStalker!

I was pleased to accept an invitation to attend an event to find out a bit more about the whole complex and it’s history. As well as sampling some of the delights on offer in the DeerStalker.

Food at The DeerStalker

Lush is of course the dance hall. Renowned for hosting some of the most famous D.J.’s in the world! Many an evening of my younger days was spent dancing the night away! What I didn’t realise was that Lush is actually two pre-fabricated cow sheds joined together. ┬áBut the really important thing to know is – this is the only nightclub I have ever been in that has an in-house chippy! It also has an ice cream van, though I don’t think it sells ice-cream!

Decorative Ice Cream Van in Lush Portrush

My days of dancing the night away in Lush, are, perhaps, over. That doesn’t mean I can’t avail of the other facilities on offer. The complex hosts several bars, with The DeerStalker being the newest addition.

The Deerstalker Bar and Bistro Portrush

The DeerStalker offers casual dining and bar facilities. There is a main menu available daily, a bar menu, and quite importantly for me, there is also a kids menu. Portrush as an area attracts such a diverse group of people, depending on what events are on, it must be hard to cater to the masses! Though I think it is important for businesses such as this to recognise the need for family facilities, and indeed, they do welcome families to the restaurant. In quite an understated way though. I don’t think the kids are allowed to play with the antique ride-on cars which adorn the shelves at ceiling height!

The Deerstalker Portrush

I love Portrush. I love The whole Kelly’s complex, and not just because it is all just so nostalgic to me. The improvements are fantastic. There is no doubt the whole building has an aesthetic appeal like no other in the area. ┬áThe only improvement in my eyes would be to make it a little more child friendly. Add a little play area. Section a bit off so those of us with kids don’t annoy the other patrons! But then again, sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to leave the kids at home! I guess you can’t have it all – but Kelly’s tries pretty hard to do so!

DeerStalker Interior Portrush

Have you been? #thedeerstalker

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