Shanes Castle May Day Steam Rally

Knowing Lewis’ love of all things to do with vehicles, I thought he might enjoy a visit to the Shanes Castle May Day Steam Rally.

We were not disappointed there were enough steam engines and vintage vehicles to keep everyone happy. I found it really hard to imagine these vehicles once travelling through the country, providing haulage and working in agriculture.

Steam Rally Shanes Castle


There were literally hundreds of vehicles, so we had a little go and choosing our favourites. Here are Lewis and Aaron’s choices (well ok, Lewis choose for Aaron…)

shanes castle steam rally

And here are Mr C and I’s choices. Ha ha! Can’t believe I found a pink tractor!

shanes castle vintage vehicles


As well as an abundance of stalls and a craft fair, there was plenty to keep the children amused. Lewis had his first ever go on the Dodgems at the fairground. He was delighted with the little bubble gun we bought him, and of course a cheeky ice-cream.

steam rally antrim

Aaron didn’t get any of these (well maybe just a little ice-cream) but I think his wee face says it all. He loves having something ‘going on’, it keeps him happy! I think he might have been getting a wee bit too friendly with Minnie Mouse there though! Mickey Mouse is wagging his finger!

shanes castle


It was all such hard work we had to sit down and have a wee rest, with our pre-packed flask of tea, although there were facilities available. (Mr C says the hog roast was lovely!)


I’m sure I’ve missed loads of things out. There was absolutely loads to see, which went some way to justifying the £10 per adult, £5 per child entry fee.

If you interested in seeing some Steam Engines in action you can watch a short video here:  Shane’s Castle Steam Rally

And if that’s not your thing then you can just admire the masses of bluebells on your way out.

Shane's Castle

Thanks for visiting!

Super Busy Mum


  • This place looks class and Shanes Castle is somewhere I’ve yet to visit! Could be an idea for our Summer adventures you know. And a pink tractor? HAHAHA I love that she’s called Daisy Brown, so ace. Great post and great photos hun! Thanks so much for linking up! #MMWBH x

  • Tarana Khan says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! Trains are always a hit with children 🙂

  • Jenny says:

    WOW that place has everything I can’t believe it. Those tractors are awesome especially the pink one. lol Love all the fun filled photos. Your little one is so cute. Can’t beat the ice cream either. And I am definitely jealous of that bubble maker. It’s amazing and makes such big bubbles. ok and I might have been a little distracted by those gorgeous bluebells at the end because that is a photographers dream. I would love to photo my two kids running and playing in them. So beautiful. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    • mydaysni says:

      I agree, unfortunately we were not allowed on the wild flowers, and the photo was taken out the window of a moving car… I tempted to do it anyway though! But I didn’t!

  • The L's Mum says:

    Great pics and looks like a fab day out 🙂 #MMWBH

  • This looks like an amazing place – my son would lap the tractors and trains up. I’d so be digging into the hog roast! Great post #sharewithme

  • whooops clicked send before i was ready there!!! It looks like a great day out, reminds me of the county fairs we used to go to as kids! The boys look like they had so much fun!

  • I can’t believe there really is a pink tractor! Great post. My daughter would love this as she has developed a huge fondness for trains thanks to Chuggington!

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