Northern Ireland Science Festival 2016

NI Science Festival 2016

The Northern Ireland Science Festival is a celebration of science, delivered via a programme of events throughout Northern Ireland. I love the concept, as I truly believe that children should be educated in a way that is fun and interesting, and makes sense in terms of the world around them.

I was thrilled to be invited by the festival organisers to attend some events, and last weekend we headed to W5 to experience the Better, Faster, Stronger showcase, and also the Elephant’s Toothpaste Science Show.

Better, Faster, Stronger was all about our physical abilities. Being young, for my kids this meant trying their hand at the simulators available.

Better Faster Stronger

F1 car

golf simulator

Rugby simulator

We also attended the Elephant’s Toothpaste Science Show, which was presented in British sign language. No-one in my family has any hearing impairments, but the interpretor meant that this show was accessible for a range of people. Lewis really enjoyed it, I’m thinking I might have a little scientist on my hands! The show included exploding rockets and chemical reactions, it really was a good performance.

Elephant's Toothpaste

Elephants Toothpaste Science Show 3

Elephants Toothpaste Science Show

Elephants Toothpaste Science Show 2

Although these particular events are over, W5 in itself is well worth a visit. You can read more about my last visit, here. The views alone are worth it, and the new indoor climbing frame is pretty amazing!



W5 climbing frame


Thanks for stopping by, and if you are local, I hope you managed to find time to attend some of the events.

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