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This Easter we decided to go to the  Lough Neagh Shore at Antrim to roll our hard boiled eggs for Easter. Rolling hard boiled eggs until they crack, and eating the contents for lunch, is something I have fond memories of doing as a child. Now  that I’m an adult however, I have some issues with all the ‘nature’ that ends up stuck to them when they split open!

Ideally you should go somewhere with a big hill, which has firm ground and short grass. Not so easy to find at this time of year! There aren’t really any steep hills at the Lough Neagh Shore, but I figured Lewis would have as much fun chucking the eggs as rolling them anyway! And he did!

lough neagh easter

The benefit of going here was we could also have walk to look at the ducks and boats which were moored. There is also a little café and wc facilities (very important with children) so you could have an ice cream or a cup of tea if you desire.

loughneagh2 sights at lough neagh

For those of you who don’t know, Lough Neagh is the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles, and the third largest in Europe. Just watch the weather forecast – it tends to be the only area of water which is shown on the map of Britain and Ireland. (Apart from the sea of course!)

As you can imagine there is lots of wildlife, however one of the less welcome inhabitants (for visitors like myself) is the Chironomid Midge, or the Lough Neagh Fly. Reportedly their presence is most keenly felt in the months of May and June. However, this was mid April, and I certainly felt their presence, to the extent that the hard boiled eggs were distributed to hungry seagulls for fear they had been contaminated by midgies!

Lewis did not appear to notice the swarming clouds of flies that periodically engulfed us, so I think he had a good time. He said he did. After all, this is possibly the first time in his life I’ve given him permission to throw food!

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