A Family Holiday at Carrick Dhu, Portrush

Portstewart Fountains

This summer we had a family holiday at Carrick Dhu, just a mile from the seaside town of Portrush. This consisted of me packing up my car to bursting, and my boys and I spending a week in a tent. If you want to know more about the facilities available at Carrick Dhu Caravan Park, check out my review. If you want to know what we got up to on our visit, then read on!

Family Holiday At Carrick Dhu

In Northern Ireland there is only one thing you can be really certain of – and that is, you cannot be certain of the weather! How would we manage to make such green grass if it didn’t get well watered? So waterproofs are advisable, especially if you are staying in a tent, and more so if you happen to have children. When we first arrived at Carrick Dhu camp site, we were disappointed with the weather. It was July and there seemed to be no end to the rain. But, we got our waterproofs out and the boys had such fun.

Carrick Dhu play ground 2

Carrick Dhu playground

Carrick Dhu Mud Play

Carrick Dhu Muddy Puddle

They had the park all to themselves. They were amazed that I allowed them to splash and play in every muddy puddle they could find, and even more amazed when I did a bit of puddle jumping myself!

One particularly rainy day we headed to the Jet Centre near Coleraine, and watched Finding Dory. And of course, Barry’s Amusement’s has a great selection of fairground amusements for all ages.

Barry's Cars

The rain didn’t last forever though, and when the sun came out the first stop was Portrush beach.

Portrush beach Portrush beach 2 Arcadia Portrush

And of course we had to visit the neighbouring Portstewart, and the promenade there. We decided that running through water fountains was even better than jumping in puddles!

Portstewart fountains 2 Portstewart fountains 3 Portstewart Fountains

And Mr C volunteered for the splash pool!

Portstewart splash pool

And the obligatory ice cream at the seaside! Morelli’s this time.

Morellis Ice Cream

Things were really starting to look up, and then my car decided to have a wee holiday too!

Car tow

We had more than one car with us, so it wasn’t the end of the world. Getting all our stuff home was going to be the problem, so I had to pack up what I could live without, and send it with my car. This meant sacrificing most of my cooking equipment. Every cloud has a silver lining though, and we had some lovely meals out, instead of me slaving over a hot camping stove as planned!

The restaurant The Tides, has stunning views and food to match. I have been previously, and this visit was every bit as good. The duck starter was divine, and Mr C enjoyed the Monkfish, while I treated myself to lip smackingly good lasagne!

Tides view

Tides duck starter

Tides monkfish

tides lasagne

And, new to us, is the cafe Wills of Portstewart. This place offers something different. The menu was different, the interior was unique and the staff were all more than accommodating. We went back more than once!


Wills salad

Wills interior

And although there were some testing moments, what with the cars, kids and copious rainfall. ¬†At the end of the week we were all still smiling, and truth be told, it wasn’t long enough!


I hope you enjoyed a little insight into what what you could do, if you had a family holiday at Carrick Dhu.


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