Food and Drink Show NI 2014 – The Highlights

I was delighted to be offered some guests tickets by safefood to The Food and Drink Show NI last weekend. It was held in the King’s Hall complex in Belfast, somewhere I don’t think I have ever been before. Luckily I had Mr C to drive us there, and there was ample parking, so no need for my concerns about going to ‘the city’!

Food and Drink Show NI – The Highlights

The show was a full of stalls selling local produce, and chef’s demonstrating how to cook up a tasty meal. We had the pleasure of seeing James Martin, you might know him from the programme Saturday Kitchen. He made three dishes in 30 minutes, which was pretty impressive! My favourite had to be the Monkey Bread. I can’t remember what went in it or how to make it, but it basically looked like a cake made of mini doughnuts. It looked delicious, and I think it would be a great treat for a party. Maybe I’ll attempt it some day if I can find a recipe!

We also enjoyed browsing the variety and choice of unique stallholders, all of whom were very friendly, and most had samples of their produce available. It is perhaps just as well my kitchen is currently under renovation or I may have been tempted to stock up on too many things!

And… I saw Mr Tayto in the flesh. For those of you who don’t know he makes the best crisps in the world. In fact he may have been one of the deciding factors in my move back to Northern Ireland! Shame I didn’t get to say hello – he was too busy with his friends! If you look in the photo – he’s the one with the potato head!

Food and Drink Show NI My Days NI


I am going to leave you with at tip I learnt at The Food and Drink Show NI- okay it is actually James Martin’s tip – don’t buy cheap flour, it doesn’t work properly! Perhaps that is where I have been going wrong in the past!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



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