Downhill Demesne Kite Festival

Kite Festival at Mussenden

Earlier this year we bought a kite, which the kids loved, so we decided that going to the Downhill Demesne Kite Festival was a must! Typically, it was forecasting rain, but we were not to be deterred. The welly boots and picnic were loaded into the car and off we went!

The kites were visible for miles around! So although we didn’t know exactly where we were going, there was little chance of getting lost!

Parking was provided in a  field, and after a short walk we arrived in front of Downhill House. It was a bit rough going with the buggy, due to the field and gravel paths, but it was manageable.

Downhill Demesne

There were dozens of kites flying in front of the 18th Century mansion, which has fallen into ruin. Still it provided us with a perfect little alcove for our picnic. (There were plenty of food vans available, we just like our picnics. We even bring the china cups!)

Inside Downhill Demesne

And there were a selection of stalls inside offering face painting, kite sales, and paper aeroplane building, which Lewis loved! The staff from the National Trust were all very welcoming and friendly, letting us shelter in their tents for a little while.

Making paper aeroplanes at Downhill


Outside the enormous kites were the highlight!

Kite Festival Downhill

Kite festival Downhill

Kite Festival Mussenden

And even though it rained the whole time, it did not stop my kids from stopping to smell the flowers! It’s a buttercup, in case you are wondering!

Smelling the flowers at Downhill Demense

They had a bouncy castle and quad train rides.

Bouncy castle downhill demense

Quad train at Downhill

The views from the top of the cliff where this festival is held, are just stunning!

Downhill and benone beach

They had lots of local artists displaying their work within the Mussenden Temple. Some absolutely beautiful pieces were available! This artist had grey skies too, though somehow this is much more attractive than my photographs!

Picture of Mussenden Temple

All round a great wee day out! Afterwards we went to Benone beach and had a nosey around the tourist complex there. It is definitely an area we plan to explore more in the future!

Have you been to Downhill Demesne Kite Festival?


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  • daydreamingfoodie says:

    Downhill is one of those properties I have always meant to visit, but have yet to do so. The kites look amazing – Ive never seen such huge ones! Loving the big shark <3 What a fun day out for kids and adults alike 🙂 Maybe next year!

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