Stendhal Festival of Art 2016

Stendhal Festivaal

I am super excited to be sharing with you, our family plans to visit Stendhal Festival this August. My boys are at an age where they seem quite keen on letting me know their opinions and desires, and going camping is very firmly on the list. I am at an age where being entertained, and kicking back with a glass of wine, are very firmly on my list. Mr C, well… he is at an age where he probably wants to try to re-live his youth a little bit. So when Stendhal asked if we wanted to come and experience The Best Small Festival in Ireland, we didn’t take long to reach a conclusion!

Stendhal – Here we come!

What is Stendhal Festival?

Stendhal is a festival of art which brings talented people from all over Ireland, and further, to express their creativity. It is predominantly a music festival, but there is also, dance, poetry, crafts, artisan foods, theatre and much more. The following description, from the Stendhal website, makes it sounds like the most magical place on earth.

“Upon entering the festival, the sheer attention to detail is strikingly apparent; single stemmed sunflowers line the surrounding fences leading up to and on the site, hand-crocheted knitting has been clothed on a cosy ‘Hugging’ tree, lanterns to be set alight by sunset dangle from trees above our heads, submerged fairy-lights sparkle beneath the river beside the ‘Digital Woodland’ which lights trees up on cue like a forest orchestra and all the while the leafy canopy above beholds portrait frames, sock animals, fairies and Panda’s fishing for their lunch. It sounds like a bizarre fairytale and to be honest, it isn’t far off. This weird and wonderful landscape needs a suitably rad soundtrack and it’s time to go in search of it.”

Does that not sound like a perfect family adventure?

And Stendhal is a not for profit organisation, the cogs of which are turned by an army of volunteers. So you can be sure of value for money!

Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what to expect, but I will be telling you all about it! And if you happen to see me there, come and say hello!

In the meantime, immerse yourself in some of these pictures, while I go and find a tent!

Stendhal 08

Stendhal 07

For more information visit the Stendhal website or Facebook page.

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